Creative Writing Faculty

Creative Writing Faculty

Creative Writing Faculty

This diverse group brings an avid love of reading and teaching into their workshops. Often invited to guest lecture and to read at various programs around the world, they are known for their abilities as both writers and instructors. All of our instructors understand the value of using individual pieces as springboards to teach a class, and all of them understand the value of individual attention.

Nancy Eimers - Poetry

Poems by Nancy Eimers

Steve Feffer - Playwriting

Creative Writing Program Coordinator
An excerpt from "Extending the Breaks: Fires in the Mirror in the Context of Hip-Hop Structure, Style and Culture"
The McDonald's Girl (A Monologue)

Richard Katrovas - Poetry, Fiction, & Nonfiction

Director of the Prague Summer Program

Thisbe Nissen - Fiction & Nonfiction

William Olsen - Poetry

Poems by William Olsen


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