Ethics in the Science Classroom(1)

An Instructional Guide for Secondary School Science Teachers

With Model Lessons for Classroom Use


Theodore D. Goldfarb, Department of Chemistry, SUNY-Stony Brook


Michael S. Pritchard, Department of Philosophy, Western Michigan University

    Ethics in the Science Classroom

    Section I
        A Guide to Teaching the Ethical Dimensions of Science

         Chapter 1
               How Ethics and Values Intersect With Science

         Chapter 2
            What is Ethics?

         Chapter 3
             Teaching Ethics

         Chapter 4
             Case Studies  (This is a link to the entire Chapter 4, links to individual cases are offered below.)

                Introduction: A brief introduction to the shared layout of the case studies

                      Case Study 1:  Overly ambitious researchers--Fabricating Data

                      Case Study 2:  The Millkan Case - Discrimination Verses Manipulation of Data

                      Case Study 3:  The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

                      Case Study 4:   The Search for the Structure of DNA

                      Case Study 5:  The XXY Controversy

                      Case Study 6:  Love Canal


Section II
        Incorporating Ethics in Classroom Science Lesson plans

         Part 1
             Creating Your Own Ethics-in-Science Lesson plans

         Part 2

Model Classroom Lessons
Introduction to Part 2 --- Including a printable taxonomy which characterizes the focus of each lesson and the issues with which each is concerned. This is a very valuable tool.  Check it out!
(1) Alas, All Human

(2) Student and Teacher Behaviors in Science Classrooms

(3) Keeping a Science Journal

(4) Honesty in Reporting Research

(5) What Kind of Research Should Our Government Support?

(6) Low Birth weight Infants

(7) Fraud in Science: Circumstances and Consequences

(8) Recycling

(9) Dune Road

(10) Summer Home

(11) The Landfill

(12) Pinebarrens

(13) The Automotive Plant

(14) Ethics Issues From Science Fiction

(15) The Envelopes

(16) The Human Genome Project Structured Controversy

(17) Whose Life Is It?

(18) My Friend Linda

(19) The Race for the Double Helix

(20) Reporting Data

(21) Ethics in the Science Laboratory

(22) The Law of Inertia

(23) Handling Discrepancies

         Part 3
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