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Center for the Study of Ethics in Society



Michael S. Pritchard Michael S. Pritchard
Center Co-Director and Founder
Department of Philosophy

3011 Moore Hall
(269) 387-4380

Ethical Interests: Ethical theory, professional ethics, ethics in engineering, moral development, philosophy for children

In addition to my interests in various areas of practical ethics (e.g., ethics in engineering), I am interested in questions about the relationship between philosophical theories of ethics and practical problems that give rise to ethical reflection. I'm also very interested in the philosophical abilities of children and how these abilities might contribute to their moral development.

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Sandra L. Borden Sandra L. Borden
Center Co-Director
School of Communication

325 Sprau Tower
(269) 387-0362

Ethical Interests: Journalism ethics, research ethics

I am interested in ethical problems caused by business pressures in journalism, the role of peer discourse in defining ethical norms, and the connection between professionalism and ethics. My most recent work is a book on the application of virtue theory and communitarian theory to the practice of journalism

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Shirley Bach Shirley Bach
Center Associate Director
Department of Philosophy

(269) 387-5379

Ethical Interests: Biomedical ethics, health care ethics

I have special interests in medical research ethics (including stem cells and other new technologies) and ethical issues in genetics (including genetic diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis, genetic therapies, and practical implications of the Human Genome Project). Another area of interest involves ethical response to medical error.

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Jil Larson Jil Larson
Center Publications Editor
Department of English

624 Sprau Tower
(269) 387-2587

Ethical Interests: Ethics in Literature


Fritz Allhoff Fritz Allhoff
Center Executive Board
Department of Philosophy

3006 Moore Hall
(269) 387-4503

Ethical Interests: Ethical theory, applied ethics (especially biomedical ethics and nanoethics), philosophy of biology

My ethical research interests are primarily in two areas. First, my dissertation was on the evolution of the moral sentiments and the implications thereof for the metaphysics of morality. Second, I work in applied ethics, particularly the ethical implications of emerging technologies. The technologies with which I am interested are primarily biomedicine--such as cloning, stem cell research, and genetic interventions--and nanotechnology. Recently, I have been especially interested in nanoethics (i.e., the social and ethical implications of nanotechnology). Finally, I have written several papers on the moral status of interrogational torture.

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Paul Farber Paul Farber
Center Executive Board
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Studies

2436 Sangren Hall
(269) 387-3507

Ethical Interests: Academic ethics

Norman Hawker
Center Executive Board
Department of Finance and Commercial Law

3263 Schneider Hall
(269) 387-6118


Ronald Kramer
Center Executive Board
Department of Sociology

2408 Sangren Hall
(269) 387-5284


chesspawn Mary Lagerwey
Center Executive Board
Bronson School of Nursing

2419 Carlyle Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5345
(269) 387-8167

Ethical Interests:

Paul V. Pancella Paul V. Pancella
Center Executive Board
Department of Physics

1124 Everett Tower
(269) 387-4936

Ethical Interests: Research ethics, environmental ethics

I am interested in all aspects of ethics, from esoteric arguments to practical applications. Not much formal training, per se, beyond the solid foundation of an undergraduate education from the Jesuits. A lot of what I know about ethics comes from reading science fiction. I have a natural interest in research ethics, as well as other practices in science and how technology affects the moral landscape. I am somewhat active in progressive politics, and very concerned with humanity's impact on the environment, and sustainability.

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chesspawn Raja Aravamuthan
Center Executive Board
Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

1903 West Michigan Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5462
(269) 276-3507

Ethical Interests:

Linda Reeser Linda Reeser
Center Executive Board
Department of Social Work

4406 College of Health and Human Services
(269) 387-3177

Ethical Interests: professional ethics, applied ethics, theories of justice and health care ethics

William Santiago-Valles William F. Santiago-Valles
Center Executive Board
Department of Africana Studies

3061 Moore Hall
(269) 387-2561

Ethical Interests: Context for resistance to unequal power relations

Susan Stapleton Susan Stapleton
Center Executive Board
Department of Chemistry and Biological Sciences

3154 Wood Hall
(269) 387-2853

Ethical Interests: Research ethics and mentoring

I was named an Ethics Fellow under the Ethics Center's 2001-04 National Science Foundation funded program, "Teaching Research Ethics: An Institutional Change Model." Have been active in the establishment of the WMU Research Ethics Resource Center and have authored/co-authored proposals that include ethics workshops/sessions for students and faculty.

Heather Schild
Center Graduate Assistant
Department of Sociology
3024 Moore Hall
(269) 387-4397

Ethical Interests: I am currently working on constructing a teaching module for qualitative research ethics.

I completed my Communication MA at WMU in 2012 and am currently entering my third year of doctoral studies in the Sociology program at WMU. My main areas of focus are Feminism and Gender--with special interest in women's health and the commodification of the female body in Western medicine--and Power and Inequality.

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Center for the Study of Ethics in Society
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