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WMU Online Education is Closed Today

WMU Online Education is closed today, Jan. 31, 2013, due to inclement weather. Offices are closed for the day.

Professional Development

Workforce development and training

Our industry and research-based learning opportunities are designed to assist our partners in fostering critical thinking that stimulates creative solutions. Our training programs, workshops and holistic learning series focus on advancing organizational goals as well as developing and enhancing professional skills and personal aptitude. You can expect to engage in a learning experience that is relevant, practical and challenging.

Western Michigan University provides a variety of professional development services and opportunities, including:

Professional development opportunities are offered on-site, WMU main campus and regional locations, encompassing flexible learning modalities.

If you have any questions about professional development opportunities through WMU, please contact us at (269) 387-4200 or .

Available Courses

These courses are designed to help students improve their scores, or improve their chances of only taking the test one time. Check details to see where courses are available:


GRE Prep