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WMU Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) provide a way to document non-credit and non-degree learning experiences. These types of educational experiences have become more widely recognized by individuals, employers and professional associations in recent years. As such, non-credit programs are becoming more and more popular in the area of continuing education.

Western Michigan University defines one CEU as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. One contact hour is defined as 60 minutes of instruction. The CEU can be awarded in whole units or fractions of a unit (5 hours = .5 CEU, 10 hours = 1.0 CEU). Programs must be at least 3 hours to qualify and non-instructional periods (registration, breaks, meals) are not included in contact hours.

University sponsored programs offered on or off campus may be eligible for WMU CEUs. Some examples include:

Offering WMU-CEUs at your program

If you would like to offer WMU-CEUs for your program, you must complete an application and return it to WMU’s Office of Professional Development. There is a $25 fee for each application. The application and fee must be submitted at least 35 days before the start of your program to allow time for processing.

Please download the application below. Submit a completed copy by email or mail (address in the form on page 3).

Download Application

How participants earn WMU-CEUs

Once your application is approved, you will receive a packet with tracking and verification forms for your event. To earn WMU-CEUs, participants must complete a verification form (signed by your event’s administrator) and pay a $15 fee. You must collect the $15 from each participant and submit one check to WMU for the total amount.


If you have questions about the application or the WMU-CEU process, please call the WMU Office of Professional Development at (269) 387-4200.