Social Work (MSW)

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A cause for change

The Social Work master's program at Western Michigan University prepares students to advocate for social and economic justice and for the personal well-being for all people. Students learn to identify and correct the individual and social causes of problems using a dynamic person-in-environment perspective.

Why social work at Western Michigan University

This master's program strengthens critical thinking skills in ways that apply directly to the field. Graduates leave as ethical, competent and reflective practitioners upon completion of the program.

Career opportunities

The MSW program at Western Michigan University prepares students for direct-service and leadership positions in a variety of settings including counseling agencies, mental health clinics, corrections facilities, neighborhood community centers, schools, family and child welfare agencies, legislative offices and a variety of other industries.

Location, location, location

Our MSW program is offered at both the WMU-Grand Rapids and WMU-Southwest locations, right in your back yard.

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