Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

Graduate Studies Council

This page contains the role statement and council charges.

Role statement

The Graduate Studies Council reviews, develops, and recommends policy regarding graduate education at Western Michigan University. Policy recommendations shall include, but are not limited to, the admission of applicants to the Graduate College and to graduate degree programs, development of graduate curricula and approval of graduate programs, selection of graduate faculty, awards and fellowships and graduate student personnel practices. Reviews shall include, but are not limited to, existing programs, proposed new programs, significant program changes and academic standards of graduate level programs. The work of the council is accomplished through standing and ad hoc committees which act on behalf of the council, within the framework of its policies, subject to review by the council.

Council Standing Committees

  1. Agenda Committee—prepares the agenda for meetings of the Graduate Studies Council.
  2. All-University Graduate Student Research and Creative Scholars Award Committee—reviews applications and makes recommendations as to the recipients of All-University Graduate Student Research and Creative Scholars Awards.
  3. All-University Graduate Student Teaching Effectiveness Award Committee—reviews applications and makes recommendations as to the recipients of All-University Graduate Student Teaching Effectiveness Awards.
  4. Graduate Student Advisory Committee—reviews services and needs of graduate students; makes recommendations to appropriate officials and offices; recommends graduate students for appointments to University councils and committees; and serves as liaison between departmental graduate student organizations, the Graduate Studies Council, and the dean of the Graduate College.



Suzan Ayers will serve as the Senate Executive Board representative.

In addition to the specific responsibilities and functions noted in the Graduate Studies Council’s role statement and the work of the GSC standing committees, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the GSC to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate sub-committee or task force, the following issues:

1. From the viewpoint of faculty and graduate student "users," review the effectiveness and efficiencies associated with university-wide required policies, practices, and forms related to graduate students.

2.  Solicit, review, and award the Graduate Student Research and Creative Scholar Awards, and the Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Awards, and other means to promote excellence in graduate education at WMU. 

3.  Review policies and any issues related to the required annual review of all graduate students.

4. Working with the Undergraduate Studies Council: Review the proposed Program Review and Planning Process, modify as appropriate, and recommend to the provost.

5. Review doctoral degree credit requirements.

6. Discuss and identify means to resource graduate students.

7. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as deemed necessary by the council. To the extent possible conclude any outstanding initiative by producing a memorandum of action, report or resolution. 


The GSC will seek information from and communicate with all administrative offices necessary to carry out its charges. The GSC is expected to keep the Senate Executive Board apprised of progress, especially in connection with any MOA it may develop and to give advance notice of any action the GSC seeks to place on the Senate agenda, including the final text of any proposed MOA, report or resolution. The Executive Board should also be notified of substantive procedural issues addressed by the GSC.  The GSC shall provide a written summary of its progress on the above charges and any other activities undertaken no later than June 30, 2013.



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