The Francophone Film Festival of Kalamazoo is conducted to provide the communities of Western Michigan University and of Kalamazoo, as well as educators across Michigan and the surrounding Midwestern states, an opportunity to experience a broader and more diverse view of the many world cultures which express themselves in French. The FFFK is dedicated to the presentation of original creative cinema from the Francophone World.

Our goals are both artistic and educative: we want to propose an alternative to the mainstream cinematographic industry and to help implement reforms in curriculum design in Foreign Language teaching (mostly French) and International Studies in the entire educative spectrum (K-12 and college level).

Eventually the FFFK could serve as a springboard for undistributed francophone productions to be introduced to the United States public and market.

FFFK 2015 will be held two weekends through March. The public will select the winner in each category and award the Gold Kazoos. The Gold Kazoo includes a monetary award of $500 U.S. for the Best Short. We attempt to represent the diversity present in the Francophone World and take into account the educative value of the productions.

In 2010, we have started a wonderful collaboration with the Alliance Française of Chicago (

Director: Dr. Vincent Desroches
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature
820 Sprau Tower
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5338
Phone: (269) 387-6241
Fax: (269) 387-6333

Contact us: ......................................... Click here to submit your film

Coordinator, Administration and Finance: Samer Shammas
Coordinator, Events and Communication:  Marjorie Zippert and Taylor Larson

Program Team: Marlon Boyd, Marjorie Zippert and Vincent Desroches
Publicity: Mark Schwerin, the poster brigades and many people...
Web: Marjorie Zippert
Design Center: Paul Sizer, David Marlatt, Aaron Cooper and Nick Kuder

About us

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