It's not rocket science!

Apply for 2014-15 financial aid by filing your FAFSA online beginning Jan. 1!

Financial aid is the best way to pay. Awards may be made in the form of grants, scholarships, and student loans.

Call (269) 387-6000 for details. Or, visit Bronco Express.

Financial aid 101

First, take a deep breath. It's really NOT that complicated. Financial aid for grad students is a little different than what you might remember from your undergrad days, though. First, apply by filing your FAFSA link off site online. Then, print out our nifty checklist pdf -- it will help keep you on track as you navigate the process.

The biggest difference for grad students is that you are automatically considered independent. So, only your income and assets (and if married, your spouse's) are considered when determining your eligibility for aid.

Awarding tips

If you have been offered a WMU graduate assistantship or fellowship by a department it will not be indicated on your award letter until the department has notified financial aid of the awards. Graduate assistantships and fellowships may reduce the amount or type of aid you have been awarded. When your aid is adjusted, you will be notified by email. Check GoWMU anytime to view the status of your awards.

Changing your classification from undergrad to grad in the same academic year? Please let us know by calling Bronco Express, (269) 387-6000.

It is our goal to help you find the resources you need to pay for grad school. If you have questions, visit or call Bronco Express at (269) 387-6000 or send us an email at

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