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You can help your student make sound financial decisions. Make sure they apply for financial aid first. It's the best way to pay for college. Save time and apply online at off site

If you have questions, call Bronco Express at 269 387-6000.

Welcome, Bronco parents!

Thank you for selecting Western Michigan University! This will be an exciting time in your lives. The tips below will help you get a feel for the financial aid process and what comes next.

  • Get money
    Before you do anything, make sure your student has applied for financial aid first. Everyone qualifies for some aid, and it's the best way to pay for college.
  • Are we eligible?

    See the basic financial aid eligibility requirements for undergrads. Nearly all students qualify for help.

  • Make a list
    See the steps in the financial aid process and keep track using our Financial Aid Checklist. pdf
  • How much?
    Learn more about the cost of your student's education.
  • FDS? SAR? Say again?

    That award letter not making sense? This award letter page will help you translate the lingo.

  • Cash or check?
    Find out what payment options you have at WMU.
  • Need a PLUS?
    Help your student pay for college with a PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students).
  • Be smart
    There are many private financing options being marketed directly to students. They need your help choosing the least expensive method of financing. We encourage ALL students to apply for financial aid first. Federal student loans offered through Financial Aid have low interest rates, deferment options and affordable repayment plans. We also have information about private lenders so you can choose the best alternative loan for you.
  • No peeking
    Federal Privacy Law (FERPA) affects your access to student information. Ask your student to make you an Authorized User so you can see financial aid, billing, payment and academic information online using GoWMU.
  • What's GoWMU? GoWMU is a convenient, online resource, available 24/7. This is where you and your student will need to go to keep up-to-date on everything important.
  • You've got mail
    WMU communicates with your student via email when they have missing financial aid requirements or a revised award notice. Remind your student to check their Western email regularly for important updates.
If you have any questions about financial aid, please call Bronco Express at 269 387-6000.


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