Employment options

There are a variety of employment options available if you have a work-study award. Click the links for info.



College work-study is a need-based financial aid program funded by the Federal Government and Western Michigan University. It is awarded to students based on need who are enrolled at least half-time during the period of their employment. Unlike grants and scholarships, work-study awards are earned and paid through the payroll process in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck. Work-study awards and amounts are subject to eligibility requirements and fund availability. Early application is very important.

Have questions? Check the work-study FAQ online.




Your work-study award and SAP

You must meet and maintain general financial aid eligibility criteria for work-study, including Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you lose eligibility for financial aid, including work-study, due to SAP, your award may be canceled. See the complete SAP policy online. Stay tuned to your WMU email account for updates about your financial aid status.

Stay enrolled

To remain eligible for work-study, students must be and remain enrolled at least half-time during the period of employment.


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