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Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project

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Open House

Open house 2016

This year's open house dates will be Aug. 6 and Aug. 7. Join us to see live on site excavations and historical interpreters bring the past come alive.

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2016 Field School takes place June 30 to August 19.

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Summer lecture series

Four guest lecturers will be presenting at the Niles District Library during the 2016 field season. They will focus their presentations on this year's theme, "Flowing Through Time: Rivers in Historical and Archaeological Perspective".

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2016 Fort St. Joseph newsletter


2015 Annual Report


The Fort St. Joseph Post

Recent news about the ongoing research, projects and alumni of Fort St. Joseph.

Militia Muster at Fort St. Joseph

See how living history re-enactors have interpreted a militia muster and how they can provide a better understanding of our colonial past. 

Video Documentary Militia Muster at Fort St. Joseph

Watch the 2013 Aurora Award winner "Militia Muster at Fort St. Joesph" documentary video.  For two days, footage was collected and interviews conducted with immersion interpreters and re-enactors at the archaeology site in Niles, Michigan.  Topics cover the muster roll-call, colonial recreational activities, frontier life as experienced by women, and the 18th century artifacts uncovered by the WMU archaeological field school, providing insight into the lives of French, British and native inhabitants of this historically important site on the eve of the revolution.

Reclaiming French Heritage at Fort St. Joseph in Niles, Michigan

The Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America explains why Fort St. Joseph was one of the most important eighteenth-century frontier outposts in the western Great Lakes region.

Public Archaeology at Fort St. Joseph Video

See how University students and the community benefit from archaeology at Fort St. Joseph.