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Out-of-State Students

Academic Advising and Placement

Advising and registration

On day one of Orientation students and families will attend a presentation outlining the academic curricula and general requirements of each Academic College. On day two, students will receive personalized academic advising from their respective advising department. At that time, students will be assisted with class registration. In order to view class options, and to prepare you for your advising session and class registration, you can view the online catalog at Please remember that you will not be able to register for classes until day two of Orientation. Advising and class selection on day two is for students only.

Course placement information

Your placement in various subject areas depends largely on standardized test scores. We prefer to receive your official ACT or SAT scores directly from the testing office at least one week prior to your scheduled orientation session. If this is not possible, you may bring your score report with you to orientation to ensure accurate placement.

To contact ACT to request a score report, call (319) 337-1313 or submit a request online at The WMU ACT code is 2066. To contact SAT to request a score report online go to: (WMU SAT Code is 1902).

AP, IB HL, and Dual-enrolled college credits
If you took an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IB HL) exam and passed or if you took any college courses while you were still in high school, please be sure to tell your advisor. You may have already earned college credits for math, writing, or other subjects. Your advisor can show you how these college credits will apply at Western. In order to be considered for credit at WMU, you must have the testing organization send an official report of exam scores. If you have taken any college courses prior to coming to WMU, please ask the college to send your transcript to WMU.

Skills Building Courses
Students must demonstrate basic competency in the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Your placement in these three areas is based on a combination of ACT or SAT scores and high school GPA. If you have taken both the ACT and SAT, or have taken either of them more than once, your highest score is used to determine placement. Skills courses must be completed before you have 33 credits. If you have any questions, please call the Director of Intellectual Skills at (269) 387-4411.

Skills Building Courses:
ED 1040, Effective College Reading (2 credits)
ENGL 1000, Basic Writing (4 credits, graded as credit/no credit only)
MATH 1090, Computational Skills (2 credits). Credits earned in each of the above classes are not included in the 122 minimum credits required for graduation.