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Chemistry and Physics Placement

If you wish to take CHEM 1100 (General Chemistry), you will need a mathematics placement of MATH 1180 (Pre-calculus) or higher. Depending on high school GPA, some students may wish to defer taking CHEM 1100 until the spring semester of their freshman year.

Students who wish to take PHYS 1130 (General Physics I) must place into at least MATH 1110 (Advanced Algebra).

Use the Cross Reference below to determine your placement. Intellectual skills courses are italicized.

ACT or SAT Math score

ACT 27+ / SAT 610+

CHEM 1100

ACT 24-26 / SAT 560-609

HS GPA 3.4+ (CHEM 1100)
HS GPA 3.39 and less (CHEM 1100 Spring - recommendation)

ACT 19-23 / SAT 460-559

MATH 1110 before CHEM 1100

ACT 16-18 / SAT 380-459

MATH 1100 before any CHEM class

ACT 15 or less / SAT 379 or less

MATH 1090 before any CHEM class