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Graduate Financial Aid

Students may apply for a Department of Geography graduate assistantship. Assistantships are awarded through a process of competitive selection. Most assistants teach laboratory sections of physical geography, meteorology, or GISci courses. An assistantship provides a stipend and a tuition scholarship in return for 20 hours per week assisting in Department of Geography duties. Students are supported no more than two academic years as graduate students.

Assistantships are awarded annually. Applications should be submitted by Feb. 28 each year. Awards are announced at the end of March. Award of an assistantship for the second year of graduate study is not guaranteed, and requires that a student is making good progress towards degree completion.

Financial support for thesis research and travel to professional meetings

The Graduate College provides grants to support graduate research and academic activities three times a year on a competitive basis (application deadlines are: Sept. 15, Nov. 1 and March 15).

The Department of Geography, through its endowment funds, provides additional funding to support graduate student research and travel to professional meetings through a selective process. Qualified graduate students (those maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above during their master's program) may receive aresearch grant for their thesis research and financial support for participating in two professional meetings during their master's program in the department.