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Completed Theses (since 2000)


Jason Delisio, "A Comparative Analysis of Pixel-based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis Methods using Landsat Imagery"

Teresa Bertossi, "Mining for Public and State Approval: Corporate Strategies for Metallic Sulfide Mining on Michigan's Yellow Dog Plains"

Michael Clark, "Form-Based Codes: The creation and implementation guide for the Portage Michigan City Center District"

Ana Cristina Cutrim, "Rural Tourism as an Alternative to Rural Development in the State of Para, Brazil"

Jay Eichstaedt, "The Hope of a New College Town at Western Michigan University through Mixeduse Development and Creation of a Student Consumer District"

Filmon Fisseha, "Distribution of Flouride in Groudwater in Selected Villages in Eritrea"

Jeff Reicherts, "Using Composite Sampling Techniques to Monitor Bathing Beach Water Quality in Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Malinda VanSledright, "Documenting Aguaje Palm Swamp Area and Conditions in the Peruvian Amazon: Lessons for Conservation"

Beth Whateley, "Habitat Suitability Modeling for Lake Huron Tansy in the Great Lakes Region"


David C. Pagel, "The Impact of Available Teachers Resources on Students' Perceptions of the Environment"

Rose Switt, "The Old Town of Segovia and Its Aqueduct: Preservation and Tourist Management."

Jacob Maas, "Spatial Analysis of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Dodge County, Wisconsin."

Ryan Miller, "Analysis of Factors Affecting Zebra Mussel Abundance in Gull Lake, Michigan."

Zachary Newton, "The Relationship between Land Cover and Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Strikes in Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Amatum Noor, "Using Geographic Information Systems to Assess Risk for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children of Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Matthias Siebert, "An Analysis of the Impact of Growth Management Legislation on Housing Prices in U.S. Metropolitan Areas."

Alexandra Teachout, "The Globalization of the Food Retail Sector in Southern Mexico"

Kiel Anderson, "A Qualitative Analysis of Vacant Parcels within the Northside Neighborhood of Kalamazoo, Michigan"

Joseph Lane, "Spatial Analysis of Great Lakes Ferry Transit Systems"

Christopher Washebek, "Wal-Mart versus Meijer: A Spatial and Economic Analysis of Supercenter Competition in Michigan"

Jessica Wesel, "Educating Fourth Grade Students About Grey Wolves (Canis Lupus) Using a Teaching Trunk."


Janice Fulford, "Detecting the Michigan Vegetation Tension Zone using Ecological Indicators" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Jason Glatz, "Hispanic Political Power: A Case Study of Southwest Michigan" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Jacob Maas, "Spatial Analysis of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Dodge County, Wisconsin" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Ryan Miller, "Analysis of Factors Affecting Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) Abundance in Gull Lake, Michigan" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Zachary Newton, "The Relationship Between Landcover and Cloud-to-Ground Lighning Strikes in Kalamazoo County, Michigan" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Helen Ojwang, "A Geographical and Historical Analysis of South Haven's Tourist Resort Life Cycle"

Evan Rosendahl, "Mixed Income Housing Objectives in Grand Rapids, Michigan: Overcoming the Challenges for Development"

Matt Siebert, "An Analysis of the Impact of Growth Management Legislation on Housing Prices in U.S. Metropolitan Areas" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Ben Skarp, "Michigan Heritage Water Trails: A Feasibility Study for Pine Creek and Nottawa Creek Athens, Michigan"

Rose Ann Switt, "The Old City of Segovia and its Aqueduct: Preservation and Tourist Management"

Alexandra Teachout, "The Globalization of the Food Retail Sector in Southern Mexico" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION

Jennifer L. Weller, "A Model of the Natural Spread of the Invasive Species Emerald Ash Borer in the Lower Peninsula of MI" VIEW PDF OF PRESENTATION VIEW ANIMATION


Nicole Blodgett, "Nuclear Power Plants and the Effects on Property Values"

Penny Burns, "Incorporating Technology in Geographic Methods Instruction Improves Student Achievement"

Siva Chinniah, "Effectiveness of Wavelet Transform, Fractals, Lacunarity, and Spatial Indices in Content-Based Image Retrieval"

Lisa Cooklin, "Analysis of Demographic and Housing Change in Kalamazoo County, MI, 2000-2020"

Eric Forward, "Analysis of the Applicability of a Habitat Rating System for Low Gradient Streams in Wisconsin to Low Gradient Coldwater Streams in Northern Michigan"

Erin Fuller, "Black River Management Plan"

Mark Gifford, "Relationships Between Landscape Variables and High Frequency Car/Deer Accident Areas"

Linnea Hruska, "Successful Superfund Site Restoration: A Case Study of Independence Forest Grove Preserve"

Peter Kimosop, "Assessment of Sediment and Nutrient Loadings in the Davis Creek Watershed, Southwestern Michigan, Using the SWAT Model"

Ricardo Nogueira, "Applications of Integrated Data Viewer—IDV in an Introductory Meteorology Class for Non-Science Majors"

Sivaram Patiballa, "Using Synoptic Technology to Study Select Heavy Precipitation Events in South West Michigan"

Tim Peterson, "Paddling Through History: A Plan for Heritage Water Trails in St. Joseph County, Michigan"

Laurence Picq, "Assessing TMDL Implementation in the Macatawa Watershed, MI, Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)"

Mustafa Rahim, "Assessing Water Quality of the Davis Creek Watershed, Michigan, Using ANNAGNPS Model"

Dawn Siegel, "A Comparative Study of Riparian Vegetation Along the Kalamazoo River and Its Tributaries: Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Bryan Swanson, "Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Relations and the Social Production of Space in Isabella County, Michigan "

Astrid Wargenau, "Wine Tourism Route Development and Marketing Strategies in Southwest Michigan"

Matthew Williams, "Planning for Wildland/Urban Interface Wildfires: Deriving Factors for Assessing Areas of Suitable Development in the WUI from Wildfires."


Lori Barber, "Increasing Geographic Knowledge of 9th Grade Students at Sexton High School, Lansing, Michigan"

Meagen Duever, "The Bedding Plant Industry of Kalamazoo, Michigan: A Needs Assessment"

Larry Fishell, " Effects of Section 8 Rental Assistance on the Spatial Location of the Poorest Families in Grand Rapids, Michigan"

Julie Macarthur, "A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Infant Mortality in the Midwest Industrial Belt: 1940-2000"

Fitria Wahid, "Classifying Forest Composition Using Fractal Characterization As An Index of Image Texture"


Jaclyn Burke, "Assessing the Acceptance of the New Environmental Paradigm in Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Jill Downing, "Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Gull Lake Water Qualiity"

J.P. Marsch, "Shoreline Perceptions and Planning for Five Lakes in Kalamazoo County, Michigan"

Ken Sexton, "Stream Bank Erosion and Land Use/Land Cover Along the Gun River, Allegan County, Michigan"

Olena Smith, "Measuring Urban Sprawl in the Kalamazoo Region: A Land Cover Approach"

John Truchan, "A High Oblique Assessment of Residential Lakeshore Development in Southwest Michigan"


Rose Anger, "A Soil Survey Enhancement of Landsat Thematic Mapper Delineation of Wetlands: A Case Study of Barry County, Michigan"

Meredith Beilfuss, "Learning in the Prairie: The Impact of a Prairie Education Curriculum and the Contribution of Fieldwork to Student Learning"

Christopher P. Caird, "Development of an ArcViewä Extension to Measure Fractal Dimension"

Elizabeth A. Heiney-Cogswell, "Roots and Shoots of the H. Dan Heyn Vision: Indigenous Planting Design, 1950-1980"

Joel Intrieri, "Investigating El Nino Southern Oscillation and Tornado Activity in Texas"

Porntip Limlahapun, "Assessment of Land Use/Land Cover Change Impact on Water Quality in the Davis Creek Watershed, Southwestern Michigan"

Yasuyo Makido, "A Geostatistical Screening Strategy for Assessing Contaminated Sediment"

Alhaji Umaru N’jai, "Landscape Structure Change for Two Kalamazoo Watersheds: Augusta and Davis Creek Watersheds"


Rozita Abdul Manap, "Adapting the Habitat for Humanity Model to Sa- bah, Malaysia"

Robert J. Ruhf, "Time Series Analysis of a Twenty Year Hourly Precipitation Record in Oshtemo, Michigan"