Advisory Council

Annual advisory council board meeting of Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University (2014)

The advisory council for the Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University advises the department on formulating long-term educational plans and ensure that the academic programs meet today's industry needs. The council is the oldest active advisory council at Western Michigan University. The council members are distinguished industry and academic professionals in geosciences and business who have worked throughout the US and the world with a strong interest in helping strengthen and support geosciences at Western Michigan University. The council's tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Advises the department regarding curriculum changes so that it meets the current industry and employment trends.
  • Assists in producing geosciences graduates that are well-prepared for employment and leadership roles.
  • Provides guidance to students through informal meetings and events.
  • Serves as an advocate of departmental needs and activities to the University Administration.
  • Works with the University Office of Development and Alumni Relations on fundraising campaigns that support departmental activities.

Council members

The council includes the chair, vice chair, active members, honorary members and emeritus members.

  • Jeff Hawkins, Chair
    President - Envirologic. Inc
    Phone: (269) 342-1100
    Expertise profile

Active council members

Emeritus members

Honorary members

  • Ibrahim A. Al-Jallah
  • Ahmed Murad, Ph.D

Provisional members

  • Thomas Drean
  • Jim Farnsworth
  • Mike Wireman