Meet Our Students

  • The PhD students pose together outside of Rood Hall

    PhD candidates, Sarah VanderMeer, Krishna Stephen and Denisha Griffey.

  • The PhD students pose together outside of Rood Hall

    PhD students and Remote Sensing Laboratory colleagues, Hannah Pankratz, Sita Karki, Mustafa Emil and Esayas Gebremichael.

  • The annual department photo of undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff members

    The Department of Geosciences' 2017 class of undergraduate and graduate students.

The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University boasts an accomplished, enthusiastic and highly diverse student body who travel from all around the world to study here. Our students take pride in being part of our program, and our program takes great pride in our students.

Meet our Students

Ann Gilchrist (M.A.), discusses how a chance conversation led to meeting Dr. Carla Koretsky and pursuing a master’s degree in geosciences. Ann also discusses her experience being a non-traditional student.

Rachael Kadiri (Ph.D.) discusses her experience joining the department as a visiting research scientist from Morocco.

Allie Wyman (undergraduate) discusses how she made the transition from physics to geosciences. She also discusses the bonding experience of field trips and the sense of community in the department.

Ben Langton (undergraduate) discusses his experience as a transfer student and the transformative effect of field experiences.