• Students in a Geochemistry class
  • Student in the field carrying equipment.
  • Students working on a hillside.

Courses offered by the Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University are designed to provide students with a comprehensive fundamental and applied understanding of the changing disciplines in Geosciences. In particular our science-based curriculum fulfills the industry and academic requirements for applied geosciences techniques for mapping, coring, sample curation, exploration and experimental geophysics, hydrogeological and geological modelling, geochemistry, hydrology and climate research as well as other disciplines that are of major scientific interest in the nation and abroad. We are constantly improving our educational and analytical facilities with new scientific technologies (e.g. Mass spectrometer, Water Isotope Analyzer and other soil characterization methods) and new disciplines (e.g. Planetary sciences, Astrobiology and Airborne Geophysics).

Courses and options available (geosciences courses begin with GEOS):