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Graduate Research and Creative Scholar


Award Recipients


The Graduate College, the Graduate Studies Council, and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee are proud to announce the 2012–13 recipients of the
Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Awards at Western Michigan University

The All-University Scholars for 2012–13

Jonathan Ailabouni – Music
Amy L. Durgin – Psychology
Christina J. Gentile – Communication
Travis G. Hayden – Geosciences
Catherine L. Kothari – Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Binu Baby Narakathu – Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department Scholars for 2012–13

Stephen O. Abrokwah – Economics
Clara P. Adams – Chemistry
Hilary M. Anderson – History
Liyana A. Wajira Ariyadasa – Chemistry
Rida Assaf – Computer Science
Sai Guruva Reddy Avuthu – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Timothy E. Bauer – Sociology
Eric M. Bowler – Comparative Religion
Jerusa Carvajal-Villamar – Spanish
LaTasha Y. Chaffin – Political Science
Judith Fuente Cuesta – Spanish
Stephen A. Damm – Anthropology
Kevin A. Douglass – Chemistry
Allyson B. Doyle – Speech Pathology and Audiology
Racha El Kadiri – Geosciences
Gayle L. Garcia – Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology
Carlos Manuel Gratereaux Hernandez – Economics
Veronika Husovska – Chemical and Paper Engineering
David Jeng – Biological Sciences
Brandon D. Jennings – English
Yumeizhi Jia – Chemical and Paper Engineering
Traci D. Joseph – Sociology
Darshika Keerthisinghe – Physics
Matthew A. Love – Political Science
Rathnayaka M. Madawala – Chemistry
Jeremy B. Mange – Computer Science
Amanda K. McKenna – Biological Sciences
Stephanie N. Means – Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Abdul Wahed Mohammed – Civil and Construction Engineering
Jacinta Mumbua Mutambuki – Mallinson Institute for Science Education
Setare Tahmasebi Nick – Chemistry
James R. Otis – Philosophy
Ricky J. Pope – Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology
Simon J. Purdy – Sociology
Syed Hammad Rasheed – Civil and Construction Engineering
Paul J. Roehsner – Geography
Rachel L. Schroeder – Sociology
Daniel S. Sievewright – Mathematics
Stephen T. Staggs – History
Shannon M. Towne – Geosciences
Andrew Wickenden – English