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English and Writing Support


this photo shows three people seated in a conference room.  A man and a woman are sharing a loptop, while across the table another woman looks at her own laptop.  There are stacks of papers on the conference table, and the white board behind them is filled with writing.

The following are options for international/domestic graduate students who would like to strengthen their
English/writing skills:

  1. Center for Academic Success: Contact Kim Ballard, director of the Writing Center
    on campus: (269) 387- 4446 or via email at: Currently, a graduate student with a master's in TESOL is available at the Writing Center to work with international
    students, and Ms. Ballard can serve as a conduit in conducting a preliminary assessment of students' writing needs.
  2. Steps Toward Exhibiting Mastery (STEP): (269) 387- 4799. This is a
    state-funded program offered out of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. It is advertised for undergraduates in special target populations, who will be given priority; however, the program is also available to international graduate students, after the target populations have been served, as well. There are no fees.
  3. Department of English/CELCIS: The following are two undergraduate-level
    courses that may also provide a benefit to students interested in enhancing
    their English/writing skills; however, they are each 5-credit hours, which represents a significant cost to international students. Some countries may agree to sponsor the fees for their students, but inquiries must be made beforehand.
    1. ENG: 3600/ Academic English
    2. ENG: 3610/Proficiency in English
  4. CELCIS Tutoring: offers tutoring, but fees are attached in a range from approximately $20.00 to $40.00 per hour. Please refer to the CELCIS Tutor's List.
  5. Bernhard Center Bulletin Board: Postings by students willing to tutor in English/writing, as well as postings by students in need of tutorial support appear on the wall located near the bank.

Contact Dr. Marianne Di Pierro, Director, Graduate Center for Research and Retention, or call (269) 387-8249 for more information.