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a photo of Dean Susan Stapleton

Dr. Susan Stapleton
(269) 387-8212

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a photo of Virginia Bowlby

Virginia Bowlby
Program Manager
Graduate Appointments
(269) 387-8259

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a photo of Penny Bundy

Penny Bundy
Graduate Admissions
(269) 387-8210

Contact Penny Bundy

a photo of Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs

Christine Byrd-Jacobs
Associate Dean
Graduate College
(269) 387-8212 - Walwood

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a photo of Tony Dennis

Tony Dennis
Graduate Student
Recruitment and Retention
(269) 387-8214 - Walwood
(269) 387-1247 - Seibert

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a photo of  Dr. Di Pierro

Dr. Marianne Di Pierro
Graduate Center
for Research and Retention
(269) 387-8249

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a photo of Linda Comrie

Linda Comrie
Executive Assistant
(269) 387-8237

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a photo of Jennifer Holm

Jennifer Holm
Dissertation Specialist
(269) 387-8271

Contact Jennifer Holm

a photo of James Kison

James Kison
(269) 387-8206

Contact James Kison

a photo of Carson Leftwich

Carson Leftwich
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-8212

Contact Carson Leftwich

a photo of Angie Phelps

Angie Phelps
Budget Analyst
(269) 387-8247

Contact Angie Phelps

a photo of Jodi Ward

Jodi Ward
Systems Analyst
(269) 387-8253

Contact Jodi Ward