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Graduate Student Travel Grant

The Graduate Student Travel Grant was established to support graduate students engaged in independent scholarly research, scientific inquiry, inventive technology, and original artistic activity. The grants support graduate student travel to meetings or events sponsored by professional organizations for the purpose of reporting the results of research, exhibiting or performing creative works, or otherwise disseminating results of their scholarly activity. These grants do not cover conference attendance for other purposes (e.g., as a non-presenting attendee or workshop participant), to present the findings of another's scholarly work, or for credit-generating activities such as study abroad programs.

WMU graduate students on the master's level and the doctoral level have two opportunities at each degree level to secure research and travel grants. These opportunities may consist of 2 research grants or 2 travel grants or a combination of 1 research grant and 1 travel grant at each degree level.

Contact Dr. Marianne Di Pierro, Director, Graduate Center for Research and Retention, with questions or concerns.

Eligibility requirements and selection criteria are contained within the application.

Grant application deadlines are: a photo of a graduate student sitting on a wall with a city stretching out behind and below him in the background.

2015–16 Graduate Student Travel Grant Application

Graduate Student Research & Travel Grant (GSRTG) E-Folder Handouts

updated: 05/12/15