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Photo of Joe WilsonRoxanne Buhl
Regional Director
(616) 771-9493
Photo of Joe WilsonJoe Wilson
Director, Conferences and Facilities
(616) 742-5041

Photo of Christine DingmanJessica Bouman
Office Assistant
(616) 742-5004
Photo of Christine DingmanChristine Dingman
Student Services Coordinator
(616) 742-5027
Photo of Amy GeyserAmy Geyser
Office Assistant
(616) 772-5035
Photo of Tamela HeydenberkTamela Heydenberk
Student Services Coordinator
(616) 771-9478
Photo of Rafael Juarez-YuenRafael Juarez-Yuen
Office Assistant
(616) 771-9475
Photo of Andrea ScheckelErasmo Salinas
Assistant Director
(616) 771-9479
Photo of Andrea ScheckelAndrea Scheckel
Assistant Director of Conference Services
(616) 742-5042
Photo of gladys simsGladys Sims
Office Assistant
(616) 771-9492
Photo of Rachel ZornRachel Zorn
Coordinator Conference Services
(616) 742-5043