Graduate Student Advisory Committee Resolution 2013-2014

Resolution 13/14-001- A Resolution supporting the name changes from Graduate Student Advisor Committee (GSAC) to Graduate Student Association (GSA).

WHEREAS, the original Graduate Student Advisory Committee was established in February 11, 1969; and
WHEREAS, the purpose of the committee was to serve as a source of information for graduate students regarding administration and, conversely, as a source of graduate students’ opinions to the graduate office regarding policy decisions affecting graduate students; and
WHEREAS, from 1970-1972 the Graduate Student Advisory Committee functioned at the university level with support from several departmental graduate committees; and
WHEREAS, the first year worked well, but during the second year committee members graduated at various times, finally leaving the chair as the sole committee member; and
WHEREAS, in 1972-73 an Ad Hoc Committee on University Service to Graduate Students was formed to examine the issue of graduate students; and
WHEREAS, in April 1973 this committee recommended to the Graduate Studies Council the re-establishment of Graduate Student Advisory Committee; and
WHEREAS, in 1973, the Graduate Studies Council charged the Graduate Student Advisory Committee with several mandates, including establishing its own identity as a Graduate Student Organization; and
WHEREAS, in March 1974, the Associated Student Government adopted a by-law to its constitution delegating to the Graduate Student Advisory Committee responsibilities for graduate student affairs and appointments to council and committees; and
WHEREAS, in 2012 the Graduate Students Advisory Committee voted that all graduate students be members of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee; and
WHEREAS, the name Graduate Student Advisory Committee does not reflect our current vision and does not fully embrace all graduate students at Western Michigan University; therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that the name “Graduate Student Advisory Committee” be changed with immediate effect to “Graduate Student Association.”
BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED to change the constitutional language as demonstrated in the revised constitution; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, through its meetings, the Graduate Student Association allows for resolutions to be presented, discussed, and passed to continue its advocacy for graduate students’ needs and issues, and for the sustainability of graduate study here at Western Michigan University.

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