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Past Chair Persons

Over the years, GSAC has experienced many different styles of leadership, all however, shared in unwavering commitment to serving The Graduate Student Community at WMU. The Graduate Student Advisory Committee extends a deeply felt thank you to all of its past Chairpersons for their dedication and hard work.

Previous Chairs:
1973-1974: Marilyn J. Schlack
1974-1975: James J. Coleman
1975-1976: Betty C. Chang
1976-1977: Frank H. Jeremy
1977-1978: Mamie Campbell
1978-1979: David George
1979-1980: Gary Hammerberg
1980-1981: Mimi Coleman
1981-1982: Dennis G. Cowen
1982-1983: Judith Hinga
1983-1984: Timothy J. Zwart
1984-1985: Virginia de Oliveira-Alves
1985-1986: Michele Meola
1986-1987: Marvin Hall
1987-1989: Beth Knight List
1989-1991: John P. McDonough III
1991-1992: Kyle Caldwell & Monica White (Co-Chairs)
1992-1993: Monica White
1993-1996: Bobbi Muncey
1996-1999: Elton Weintz
1999-2002: Doris Dirks
2002-2004: Marcel Brouwers
2004-2006: Todd J. Ide
2006-2008: Rosana R. Alsaud
2008-2010: Brandi Pritchett
2010-2011: Joel Raveloharimisy
2011-2012: LaTasha Chaffin
2012-2013: Britne Amos

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