Student Health Advisory Council

photo of Council members meeting Sindecuse staff

Sindecuse Health Center has sponsored the formation of a Student Health Advisory Council. Membership is open to all Western Michigan University graduate and undergraduate students in good academic standing. Members of the Student Health Advisory Council will

  • Reflect the diversity of the University
  • Contribute ideas for improvements to the Health Center
  • Educate students about the services offered by the Health Center
  • Bring student concerns to the attention of Health Center staff
  • Assess and advise on health-related issues in front of the University
  • Advocate for and participate in prevention activities that promote healthy choices, skills, and social environments

Students who have an interest in health issues, or are pursuing a career in health-related fields are invited to join this student-led group, which will be facilitated by Sindecuse staff. Members will be expected to attend monthly meetings, starting in March of spring semester with active membership lasting one academic year from the following August to April. Leaders will be elected by the Council, and have frequent contact with health center staff to plan Council efforts.

Council members have set up a facebook page to update followers about their activities, and to invite student input. To send the council a private message, use the contact form.

Health Center staff will support student members with guidance and background on topics before the Council, and with exposure to the day-to-day life of a career in health professions.

Student Health Advisory Council logo graphic

Student Health Advisory Council members will attend training to provide context for decisions before the council. These activities might include:

  • Orientation with individual department heads or key staff members
  • Certified peer education training
  • Attendance at Health Center general meetings or departmental meetings
  • Seminars provided by individual departments

New applications for membership will be accepted at the beginning of 2015. Detailed membership expectations are found in the council member agreement.  If you have questions, please contact Jenna Gehl Jones at (269) 387-3257 or by email