Graduate Appointee Insurance Enrollment

Western Michigan University graduate appointees will receive a letter from the Graduate College detailing the subsidy provided by WMU to assist paying for health insurance.

How to enroll

Prior to accessing the insurance enrollment survey, your appointment must have been processed by HR, and you must have received an email invitation from the Graduate College. Know what kind of appointment you have received: research discovery, research application, or teaching.

Once you have received your email invitation, log in to Health Manager with your BroncoNet ID and password.

Click “Survey Forms” in the menu bar or on the main section of the page.

screenshot of link to survey formsOn the next page, click "Graduate Appointee Enrollment Form," which is a one-question survey affirming your enrollment and appointee type. You may also decline insurance here.

When you’ve completed the survey form, go to Health Manager "Home" and confirm your local address in the Profile tab. Your local address is where your insurance card will be mailed. If you edit your address here, changes are not made to your University account. Change your University account at under the View/update My Personal Information link.

As confirmation of enrollment, you will receive an email notice with a subject line “SHC Secure Message Available.” You need to login to Health Manager to view the confirmation message.

If you have questions about the subsidy or your appointment type

Call the Graduate College  at (269) 387-8259 or (269) 387-8212.