Student Insurance

All students are strongly encouraged to carry health insurance. International students are required by Western Michigan University to carry health insurance that meets J1 visa minimum coverage requirements:

  • Minimum of $100,000 coverage per injury or sickness (including hospitalization, surgery, mental health, prescription medicine, physical therapy and pregnancy)
  • Annual deductible can be no higher than $500
  • Must be translated into English
  • Must have at least $50,000 medical evacuation and $25,000 repatriation benefits

Sindecuse staff are ready to assist students in making their decision to purchase insurance products. Sindecuse promotes choice and individualization of insurance purchases. We also want to ensure your access to services at the health center. When selecting insurance to purchase, be sure to review our insurance participation list to see if the insurance you are selecting is accepted at the health center.

Options to consider

Health center staff have identified plans available for purchase which offer access to Sindecuse services and meet J1 visa requirements. The summaries in the PDF are for review and comparison purposes only. For more information or to purchase a plan, follow the link provided to each company's website.

graphic of PDF containing insurance plan options

Students may decide to seek options available on the insurance exchange during open enrollment periods. If you have questions about finding insurance coverage, please contact the health center administrative offices by email or call (269) 387-3266.