I Know I Should Exercise, I Just Don't Feel Like It.

We all know the health benefits of exercise – it seems there are news headlines about it every other day. Here are a few tips to add more fitness to your life.

  • Set small goals. It doesn’t take much to add exercise to your day, and research has shown that setting very small goals is a great way to work your way up to exercising more regularly. Instead of setting a goal of running every day when you’re not very active in the first place, set smaller goals such as putting on your workout clothes, or walking around the residence hall. When you achieve smaller goals, you become motivated to do more.
  • Make it fun. Find a workout class at the Student Recreation Center or take a friend with you while you walk. Dance your way around the apartment while you clean.
  • Make it part of daily routine. The more fitness and exercise become a regular part of your routine, the less likely you are to skip it or avoid it. If it’s a normal part of your day, like going to class or brushing your teeth, you’re more likely to keep up with it.
  • Be flexible. If you normally run outside but it's pouring rain today, have a backup plan.  If you can’t make it to the gym tonight, plan on taking a quick walk at lunch or walk instead of driving to your next class.
  • Reward yourself. Take a few minutes after each workout session to enjoy the positive feelings you experience while moving and ex­ercising. Reward yourself when you’ve reached the goals you’ve set.