Photo of Doris RavotasWelcome to Western Michigan University's Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary health services, an academic program developed to fill the needs of 21st-century health care.

Health care is a growing field, and in today's patient- and family-centered environment, in addition to clinicians, many career opportunities are available in direct service, management, marketing, advocacy and other industry roles. The Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary health services provides a doorway to many of these opportunities for those who: 

  • Are interested in health and human services graduate programs.
  • Are already working in health care and are interested in a bachelor's degree.
  • Want to prepare for administrative and other non-clinical positions.

Through our program, students gain skills and competencies needed to function effectively in a variety of settings and roles. The program is designed to meet the needs of individual students and help them pursue their unique interests and career aspirations.  

We welcome your interest in the interdisciplinary health services program. Please browse this site to see what is possible with this flexible, innovative program and contact us for further information.


Doris Ravotas, Ph.D.