Occupational Therapy Track

The Western Michigan University Department of Occupational Therapy offers a five-year program which leads to the completion of two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary health services and a Master's of Science in occupational therapy. The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education requires a master's degree for the practice of occupational therapy.

Course listing

Pre-professional sequence

BIOS 1120: Principles of Biology
BIOS 2400:  Human Physiology
OT 2000/2010: Functional Anatomy and Lab or
BIOS 2110: Human Anatomy
OT 2020: Orientation to Occupational Therapy  
HSV  2250: Growth, Development, and Aging
PSY 1000: General Psychology
PSY 2500: Abnormal Psychology

Professional core

COM 1700: Interpersonal Communication I
HSV 4810: The Health System and Its Environment
OT 4700: Functioning of the Older Adult
HSV 4780: U.S. Policy in H&HS (Baccalaureate-Level Writing Course)
HSV  4800: Health Services Practice Management
PHIL 3340: Biomedical Ethics

Any one of the following

HOL 4700: Relationship-Centered Skills or
HOL 5360: Counseling Skills for Health Professionals or
SWRK 3200: Social Work Interviewing and Assessment

Any one of the following

COM 3320: Group Problem Solving
PSY 3440: Organizational Behavior
SOC 2100: Modern Social Problems

Any one of the following

ANTH 3470: Ethnicity and Multi-Culturalism or
COM 4740: Intercultural Communication or
SOC 3140: Ethnic Relations or
SWRK 3330: Culture, Ethnicity, and Institutionalized Inequality in SWRK Practice

Occupational therapy concentration

OT 3700: OT Process
OT 3740: Disabling Conditions
OT 3750: Applied Neurology 
OT 3760: Functional Assessment 
OT 3810: OT Practice I
OT 3820: OT Practice II
OT 3830: OT Practice Through Life
OT 3840: OT Practice and Therapeutic Process
OT 4720: Occupational Analysis and Adaptations
OT 4750: OT Practicum I
OT 4790: Occupational Therapy in Mental Health
OT 4820: OT Practicum II
OT: Approved OT Elective