Using Filters

Filters can sort and organize email, as well as automatically perform actions such as moving email to folders and tagging files for later review. To create a filter:

  1. Click the Preferences tab and then click Filters in the overview pane. When Filters opens, click New Filter.
  2. When the Add Filter form opens, enter a Filter Name.
  3. In the line If xxx of the following conditions are met, choose a grouping preference. Any means if any of the conditions are met, apply the filter. All means that all of the conditions must be met  to apply the filter.
  4. In the first drop-down list, select the field (To, From Subject, Body, etc.) that contains the information you want filtered.
  5. In the second drop-down list, select how you want the filter to match the information (match exactly, does not match exactly, etc.).
  6. In the text box, enter the information you want filtered (text from subject line or body, specific date, etc.).
  7. Click the + button to specify additional information, if desired.
  8. In the Perform the following actions area, select an action to be performed.
  9. Click the + button to specify additional actions, if desired.
  10. Check the Do no process additional filters option to prevent other filters from being applied to mail that meets this filter.
  11. By default, the Active box is checked. If you do not wish this filter to start now, uncheck the box until you are ready for it to begin.
  12. Click OK when you are finished.

Filter outgoing messages

You may apply filters to outgoing messages by selecting the Outgoing Message Filters tab in the Filters window under the Preferences tab.