Setting up Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a full-featured email application that supports IMAP. It may be set up to access your Webmail Plus, however to fully utilize the collaborative features of Webmail Plus, you should use its Web interface. Updates to Thunderbird or Webmail Plus could cause functionality problems which may or may not be resolved quickly.

  1. Start Thunderbird.
  2. Click the Tools menu and select Account Settings.
  3. Under Account Actions, select Add Mail Account.
  4. Fill in your Name, Email address and Password in the appropriate fields.
  5. Thunderbird will try to automatically detect server settings. Click the Manual Config button to skip this.
  6. Enter the settings and click the Create Account button. Make sure that you change the Username field to your Bronco NetID.


    Type: IMAP
    Host Name:
    Port: 993
    Authentication: Normal password


    Type: SMTP
    Host Name:
    Port: 587
    Authentication: Normal password