Using Tasklists

The Tasks feature of Webmail Plus lets you create to-do lists and manage tasks to completion.

Creating a task list

  1. Select the Tasks tab, click the New drop-down menu and select Task Folder.
  2. In the Create New Task List box, enter a Name for the task list and select a color.
  3. Click OK and the list is added to Tasks in the overview pane.

Add a task

  1. Select the task list from the overview pane.
  2. In the Content pane, Click here to add a new task.
  3. Enter the name in the text field that displays and the task is added to your task list.
  4. To add details, or to update a task, double-click it, add the details, and click Save.

Moving tasks

Move a task by either:

  1. Right clicking the task and in the Move Task dialog, selecting the task list to move to, or create a new list. Click OK.
  2. Selecting the task to move and dragging it to the lists in the overview pane.

Deleting tasks

Delete a task after clicking the task list to see the tasks in the content pane by either:

  1. Selecting the task to delete and clicking the Trash icon on the tool bar.
  2. Right clicking the task and selecting Delete and then clicking Yes.

Deleting a task list

You can delete any task list except the default list Tasks.

  1. Right click the list to be deleted and choose Delete from the menu.
  2. Click the Yes button. The list and its tasks will be deleted. If this was a list someone shared with your, this action will remove it only from your tasks list.

Sharing task lists

See shares.