File Sharing Safety Precautions

Uploading tips

Uploading means sharing your personal files with other Internet users. Uploading may leave your computer vulnerable to security threats including hackers and malware. It is recommended that if you are using a file sharing program, you disable file uploads. Instructions for specific programs are below. Sharing copyrighted material is illegal. See Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations.

Downloading tips

File sharing programs allow you to connect to other users' computer to download files that may contain malware. The only way to prevent the downloading of malware through file sharing programs is to discontinue downloading.

Disabling file sharing uploads


  1.  Open Bearshare.
  2. Go to Menu > Tools > Preferences
  3. Select Connections from the left side menu.
  4. Set  Allow up to X uploads simultaneously to 0
  5. Click OK. File sharing is now disabled.


  1.  Open iMesh.
  2. Go to Menu > Tools > Preferences
  3. Select Connections from the left side menu.
  4. Set  Allow up to X uploads simultaneously to 0
  5. Click OK. File sharing is now disabled.


We suggest that you not use the eDonkey2000 file sharing client due to the following reasons:

  •  The eDonkey2000 MFTP client automatically shares the contents of whichever folder you have specified to receive incoming files.
  • This software does not allow you to to restrict file sharing in other client settings.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect is a protocol, not an application. Use client documentation to disable sharing.


  1. Open Gnotella.
  2. Click Setup on the Gnotella window. The Configuration window is displayed.
  3. Click on the Shared Files tab.
  4. Select the directory that is displayed within the Shared Files portion of the window and click Remove. There should be no directories listed in this window.
  5. Click OK. Gnotella file sharing will be disabled.


  1. Open Gnucleus.
  2. From the Edit menu select Preferences.
  3. Click on Share in the Properties window.
  4. Highlight each shared directory in the Shared Directories field and click Remove until the field is empty.
  5. Click OK.


  1. Open GTK-Gnutella.
  2. From the upper left-hand corner of the GTK-Gnutella window click on Uploads.
  3. In the Maximum uploads to a single host field enter 0.
  4. Click Quit to close the window.


  1. Open Phex.
  2. From the Settings menu select Phex Options.
  3. From the Options window, select Sharing under the Download/Sharing Settings.
  4. On the Sharing window, set the Max uploads per hour field to 0.
  5. Click OK.


  1. Open Shareaza.
  2. From the Tools menu select Shareaza options.
  3. Select Uploads from the Shareaza menu and set Limit per unique host to 0.
  4. Click OK.