Research and Scholarship Awards

The College of Health and Human Service annual Research Excellence Award and the Scholarship Excellence Award were initiated in 2012 to celebrate individual faculty members whose research or scholarship contributions have advanced their profession and enhanced the reputation of the college.

The two awards share eligibility criteria and the nomination and selection process in common. The focus and selection criteria, however, are distinct. The recipient of each award will receive a monetary award of $625, a certificate and recognition on a plaque on display at the college.

Who is eligible to submit a nomination?

  • Chairs and directors
  • College bargaining unit faculty members
  • Academic faculty specialists

Who is eligible for nomination?

  • College bargaining unit faculty members
  • Academic Faculty Specialists

Who is not eligible for nomination?

  • Unit chairs and directors (who are not bargaining unit faculty members)
  • Former recipients are ineligible for three years after receipt of the specific award*

*The Research Excellence Award and Scholarship Excellence Award are individual awards, distinct from each other. Thus, an individual could receive one and then the other within three years.

Nomination Process

To nominate an individual for either award, provide:

  1. The award for which you are nominating the individual (Research Excellence or Scholarship Excellence)
  2. Individual's name
  3. Faculty rank
  4. Duration of tenure at WMU
  5. Approximately one page that describes his or her research or scholarly activity and your justification for the nomination, specifically addressing the selection criteria for the respective awards. 

A committee of three individuals nominated by chairs and directors will consider each person nominated and will decide who will be selected to receive each of the two awards. This process may be modified.

Research Excellence Award


Research in this context means empirical work of a qualitative or quantitative nature that is either descriptive or inferential. This award focuses specifically on work in which individuals acquire data, formulate specific research questions, conduct analyses of the data to answer those questions, and discuss their findings and the implications of the work for professional practice or theory building.


  • Research productivity, with emphasis on the last three years at WMU 
  • Quality and impact of research productivity
  • External funding support for research 
  • Impact of research on the college/University and on the professional community

Past recipients

Scholarship Excellence Award


The contributions of this award recipient may include exemplary service to a profession by advancing certification or accreditation, implementing program evaluation activities, or by publishing journal articles, books or web-based materials that advance the field. These are just a few of many contributions that may result in consideration for this award. 


  • Scholarly productivity, with emphasis on the last three years at WMU
  • Quality and impact of scholarly productivity
  • Evidence that scholarly activity has influenced and advanced the profession at the national and/or international level

Past recipients