Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research

Tara E. Adams, M.A., an instructor in the Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse, is a doctoral candidate in the clinical psychology program at Western Michigan University and is employed as a substance abuse counselor at Behavioral Health Services. Her primary research interests include behavioral predictors of sexual victimization, treatment outcome in the criminal justice population, and cultural variables that impact treatment delivery and implementation success. She is currently conducting a longitudinal study investigating several potential predictors of sexual victimization in the college female population, including substance abuse, sexual health risk behavior and incorporates the use of a behavior analogue measure of risk taking propensity.

Dr. Dennis Simpson, director and professor in the Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse at Western Michigan University, is conducting research on the effects of mouth alcohol on breath alcohol results and the length of expired blow on breath alcohol results. This research will advance the ability to determine validity of breath alcohol as an appropriate measure of bodily alcohol content.