Alumni Bios - MAs

Alumni Bios - MAs

Alumni Biographies - MA

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John Beck

Claire Herhold

Jonathan Kirkwood

Adam Matthews

Dianna Sachs

Jessica Vest


Sara Bijani
Sara is enrolled in the PhD program at Michigan State University

Skylar Bre'z
Skylar is a PhD student in the WMU Department of History.

Amber Innis

John Jouppi

Samantha Lewis
Samantha is Visitor Assistant at the Office of the Architect of the Capitol (DC)

William McQuitty

Audrey Thompson


Francis I. Bonenfant
Thesis: A "Human" diplomacy : the American Friends Service Committee in Israel, 1950-1961.
Francis is enrolled in the Peace Studies Graduate Program at University of Notre Dame.

Bill Braaksma

Lindsey A. Cox
Thesis: Marriage and marital relations in the episcopal registers of fourteenth-century Barcelona.
Lindsey is currently a Ph.D. student at Tulane University, New Orleans.

Rachel Friedensen

Rex J. Hafer

Siera M Hammond

Jesse J Hysell
Jesse is enrolled in the PhD program at Syracuse University

Rachel Juen
Rachel is Academic Specialist, SSS/TRiO at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and Historic Interpreter at Minnesota Historical Society

Tyler Miller
Tyler is enrolled in the PhD program at University of Illinois-Chicago

Caitlin B. Murphy

Samantha Steel
Thesis: "Ties that bind : Thomas Jefferson and the utility of education"
Samantha Steele, after graduating with her MA in 2011, enrolled in the University of Kentucky’s PhD program in History. She is funded through the University’s writing program and teaches a freshman composition course. She has presented at the Great Lakes History Conference and the East Central Writing Center Association Conference.

Ryan Storr

William D. Watson
Thesis: "A Position of Strength: Arms Dealing as Diplomacy Under the Reagan Administration"He is currently an Adjunct Instructor at Jackson Community College


Lisa A. Anderson

Kristi J. Dunn
Kristi is registrar at the Center for History, South Bend, Ind.

Peter A. Larr

Kevin N. Lentz
Mr. Lentz earned his MA in Public History. He moved to Binghamton, New York and assumed a position as Assistant to the Director at the Tioga County (NY) Historical Society. He was recently promoted to Executive Director of the Historical Society.

Ryan Walters
Master's Degree: M.A. History (WMU) - Spring 2010
Bachelor of Science in Education (GVSU) - Spring 2000
Major: History
Minors: Psychology/Physical Education
Ryan teaches for St. Joseph High School.


Rachel Graff Becker

Jeff Bessinger

Ashley Emerson

Jack Goodman
Jack is a PhD student in the WMU Department of History.

Ariana Horn

Dennis Miller

Stacey Moore
Stacey is a PhD student in the WMU Department of History.

Andrew Peim

Paul Pipik

Matthew Schuld
Matthew is currently the Museum Manager for the Elkhart County Historical Museum in Elkhart, IN.

David Shoup

Laura Taylor

Benjamin Tenney


Krista Anderson
After graduating with her MA in 2008, Kirsta worked for the National Forest Service and then became a supervising archaeologist with a cultural resource management firm in Baltimore. Krista earned a master's degree in library science in 2013, specializing in archives, at the University of Maryland. She works for the University of Maryland libraries as a digital imaging assistant with special collections and at the map library of the National Geographic Society in Washington. Kirsta is working for the University of Maryland libraries on a contract-basis.

Almyr Lake Bump

Mike Cheyne
Mike Cheyne, after earning his MA in 2008, enrolled in the University of Minnesota's American Studies PhD program. His dissertation involves the depictions of postwar suburbanization within television sitcoms. Mike held an internship at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and published an article about Kalamazoo history in an issue of the Michigan Historical Review.

Terra Engelman

Keena Graham
After receiving her MA in 2008, Keena Graham became a park ranger at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and is now the supervisory park ranger at Russell Cave National Monument in Bridgeport, Alabama. In addition to managing staff and developing educational programs, Keena’s current position allows her to work with NASA, consult with NPS historians, and visit area colleges and universities hosting workshops on how to obtain careers with the National Park Service with a degree in History.

Amy Hudson

Andrew Mutero

Christina Smith

Jeffrey Welc
Jeffrey is Archives Records Clerk, City of Kalamazoo


Christopher Carr

Matthew Combs
Matthew is a PhD student at University of Kentucky.

Adam R. MacDonald

Cristina Moody

John Stempien

Jason Stiglitz

Jill Straub


Shawn M Adrian

Jennifer Black
Ph.D. (USC) 2013
Jennifer Black, after graduating with an MA in Public History in 2006, earned her PhD at the University of Southern California in History in 2013. During summer 2013 she was a history consultant for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers on a catalog of their top 100 "landmarks" in mechanical engineering. Jennifer accepted a tenure track position effective Fall 2014 at Misericordia University in Pennsylvania.

Pamela Dye

John Fraire
PhD (Union Institute & University)- 2012 specializing in History and Humanities.
Dr. Fraire is Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment at Washington State University.

Lawrence Lynn

Donia Pelton

Peter Sewell

Uschett T. Slosh - deceased

John M. Smith
Ph.D. (Purdue University) - 2011 specializing in the history of American sports, U.S. social and cultural history, and African American history. 
Dr. Smith accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor of History position at Georgia Tech. He is thrilled to have the incredible opportunity. Georgia Tech is starting an interdisciplinary program in sports studies and he will be one of the core faculty members helping build the program. Johnny is looking forward to being at Georgia Tech for a long time.

Scott VanDyke


Sheila E. Clark

Coreen Derifield
Dr. Coreen Derifield (M.A., 2005) recently published an article titled "'I Thought of the Money that We Could Use': Iowa Women and Industrial Wage Work, 1950-1970," in the Winter 2014 issue of The Annals of Iowa.  Cori completed her Ph.D. in History at Purdue University in 2012.  She is currently a history and political science instructor at East Central College in Union, Missouri.  Cori is working on a book manuscript titled "Earning Her Daily Bread: Women and Industrial Manufacturing in the Rural Midwest, 1950-1980."

Jennifer Gaydos

Philip Grace
Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) - 2010 Medieval History
M.A. (Western Michigan University) - 2005 Medieval History
B.A. (Wheaton College) - 2002 History
After receiving his M.A. in Medieval History in 2005, Philip Grace entered the doctoral program at University of Minnesota, where he completed his dissertation in Medieval History and graduated in May 2010. He is a visiting assistant professor at Grand Valley State University teaching World History.

Trena Sanders

John Scholl
John Scholl, after receiving his M.A. in Medieval History in 2005, became a Ph.D student in Medieval History at the University of California in Santa Barbara. For his dissertation research entitled: Religious Life in Fourteenth Century Piedmont, John spent a year living in Turin, Italy on a Fulbright grant.

Thomas J. Vance
Tom is Director of Marketing Communications at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

Antonio Zaldivar
Antonio Zaldivar is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. His dissertation concerns the rise of vernacular writing in the Crown of Aragon’s royal chancery during the thirteenth century. His research will lead to a better understanding of the factors that motivated the kings and their scribes to begin composing documents in the vernacular, what these motivations reveal about individual and collective mentalities of the period, and how these changes in mentalities were utilized by the same scribes to augment royal power and prestige. It will also shed light on the wider practices of code-switching in the Romance-speaking world of the late Middle Ages. In 2009-10, Mr. Zaldivar received a Fulbright Fellowship to undertake research for his project at the Archivo de la Corona de Aragon and other local Catalonian archives. In 2011-12 Mr. Zaldivar was awarded a George T. and Margaret W. Romani Fellowship for students pursuing studies in some aspect of the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance

Elizabeth Zanoni

Bachelor of Arts (Notre Dame) - 2001 Major: American Studies
Master's Degree: M.A. History (WMU) - 2006
Ph.D. History (University of Minnesota) - 2011
Dr. Zanoni is Assistant Professor of History at Old Diminion University.

Hanmo Zhang
Ph.D., UCLA 2012 Asian Languages and Cultures
Dr. Zhang is Assistant Professor of Languages, Literatures & Cultures at SUNY-New Paltz.


Michael J. Basista
Benjamin is a photographer at Red Fox Photo in Pittsburgh, PA.

Michael K. Deen

Douglas Austin Dentino

Genoveva Garcia-Gallardo Carcedo
Genoveva García-Gallardo Carcedo was born in Burgos in the north of Spain. She went on to pursue an extensive international education, which became a life-changing experience for her. She studied Humanities both in Spain and in Ireland and received her master's degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Western Michigan University. She then remained in the States to obtain her second master's in Colonial History. Her experiences in foreign countries have motivated her to help those who wish to learn the language and culture of her homeland. She worked for International Studies Abroad - Barcelona for almost four years before becoming the ISA-Bilbao and San Sebastián Resident Director.

Marius F. Nielsen

Sarah B. Townsend

Samuel P. Welsh


Hollie D. Bonnema

Karen Curtis Byrd

Kelly M. Wilcox

James Allen Williams

Jennife Helen Wohlberg


Brian N. Becker
Ph.D. (2010) Medieval History, Western Michigan University
M.A. (2002) Medieval History, Western Michigan University
B.A. (1999) History, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Brian Becker was a Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee from 2009-11, and is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. He has taught courses in The Early and Later Middle Ages, Medieval Conquest and Colonization, and The Great Plague and Late Medieval Society. Dr. Becker’s research interests focus on the medieval Mediterranean and include cultural interaction, exchange, and colonization, urban history and demography, forms of documentation, ways of knowing and memory, and historiography. His most recent publication is an article entitled “New Evidence for Genoese Cryptography in the Late Fifteenth Century: Antonio De Montaldo’s Cifrario of 1477 and the Defense of Chios against the Ottomans,” in Erken Klasik Dönemden XVIII.  Yüzy?l Sonuna Kadar Osmanl?lar ve Avrupa: Seyahat, Kar??la?ma ve Etkile?im/The Ottomans and Europe: Travel, Encounter and Interaction from the Early Classical Period until the End of the 18th Century, edited by Seyfi Kenan. He has presented at national academic conferences as well as those in Sardinia, Turkey, and Portugal. Dr. Becker has translated several works from Italian to English for the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle.

Timothy Alan Ehrhardt

Michael D. Mulligan

Robert Scott Sawall


Leo Barron
Graduate Certificate, Intelligence Analysis American Military University (2010)
Post Graduate Study, History University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M.A., History Western Michigan University (2001)
B.A., History College of the Holy Cross, Worcester MA (1995)
Leo Barron has published numerous articles in Infantry Magazine, Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, WWII History Magazine, and WWII Magazine since 2005. In 2012, Barron published No Silent Night: The Christmas Battle for Bastogne (Amazon)

Josh Cochran

Michael V. DeVitt
Michael is a teacher in Three Rivers Public Schools

Ronald M. Kendzierski, Jr.,

Eric D. Owen

Brian Kendall Robins


Matthew G. Anderson

James Robert Gavan

Michelle Lynn Hill

Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff

Marc Everet Kline
Marc is a teacher at Gobles High School and teaches U.S. History, A.P. History and Economics.

Scott M. Minehart
He has taught English, World History, AP World History, AP European History, Economics, US History, Civics, Geography, and History of Human Thought at Gull Lake High School.  He is also the Boys Varsity Soccer Coach.

Cindy Marie Olsen


Douglas A. Becker

Sonya L. Dintaman

William David Gibson

Maribel Izquierdo-Rodriguez

Paula Lange

Tatyana Puchkova
Tatyana works at Kirtland Community College as the Cultural Exchange Coordinator.

Daniel J. VandenHeede
Mr. VandenHeede is a teacher in the Dowagiac Public Schools and sits on the City Council in Niles, MI.

Lawrence D. Withrow


Ion Matei Costinescu
Ion is enrolled in the PhD Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Jane Mund

Michael A. Ryan
B.A., History, University of Florida (1995)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1998)
Ph.D., History, University of Minnesota--Twin Cities (2005)
Professor Ryan joined the faculty of the University of New Mexico in 2011, after teaching at Purdue University. He offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses on the medieval and early modern social, cultural, and intellectual history of the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean Basin. His research and teaching foci include the intersection of magic, science, and religion in the pre-modern world, apocalyptic expectations, and apprehensions in pre-modern society, medieval relations between Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and gender and sexuality. He is currently working on a new monograph that investigates charlatanry and magical-themed fraud in the later Middle Ages.



Jason Kent Aikens

M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1997)
Mr. Aikens is the Collections Curator at the Professional Football Hall of Fame. He is responsible for the preservation of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's collection of artifacts and memorabilia and obtaining new donations of memorabilia from current players and NFL teams. Jason has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Michigan State University and a Masters in History from Western Michigan University where he concentrated on sports history. Jason has been working for the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 1997; before that he was an intern at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Michelle Martin de Figueroa

Carson J. Leftwich
Office Associate, Western Michigan University: Carson Leftwich handles many duties in her position as Office Associate at the Graduate College. Carson is the first person most encounter when they contact the Graduate College via phone or in person. In this capacity, she assists students, faculty and staff members from across the University and throughout the community in answering questions about programs and procedures. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find the person who does. In addition, she supports Tony Dennis, Director of Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention. She has many years of experience at Western, receiving a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in History in 1991 and an M.A. in 1997. She was a Presidential Scholar, an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Award winner, president of Phi Alpha Theta, and a Graduate Fellow. Carson has published several articles and reviews and teaches part-time at WMU

Dr. Jerry Allen Moon

Dr. Moon is chair of the Church History Department in the Seminary at Andrews University; editor of a theological journal, Andrews University Seminary Studies; and head elder of the St. Joseph, Michigan, Seventh-day Adventist Church. Jerry and wife Sue (Staples) graduated from Union College (1971-72) and spent 11 years in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. With Sue’s support, Jerry went on to Andrews University (M.Div., 1974, Ph.D., 1993) and joined the Seminary faculty in 1994.
Jerry’s favorite classes to teach are Writings of Ellen G. White, History of the SDA Church, and Development of SDA Theology. He has also taught History of SDA Education, Radical Reformation (sixteenth-century Anabaptists), and several other courses.
Jerry recently co-authored (with Woodrow Whidden and John W. Reeve) The Trinity: Understanding God’s Love, His Plan of Salvation, and Christian Relationships (Review and Herald, 2002). Jerry is also co-editor of The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, forthcoming from Review and Herald. His dissertation, W. C. White and Ellen G. White: The Relationship between the Prophet and Her Son, was published by Andrews University Press in 1993.

Kris W. Rzepczynski

Timothy David Willig
Ph.D. from UMass Amherst (2003)
Dr. Willig is Assistant Professor of History at Indiana University South Bend, where he specializes in early American & Native American history. His monograph, RESTORING THE CHAIN OF FRIENDSHIP: BRITISH POLICY AND THE INDIANS OF THE GREAT LAKES (University of Nebraska Press, 2008) was well received and nominated for several awards, including the Bancroft Prize. Presently, he is undertaking a biographical study on Major John Norton of the Grand River, Upper Canada, circa War of 1812.


Anthony P. Glesner

Jack Michael Green

Scott M. Gyenes
Scott teaches History at York Country Day School and is Adjunct Professor of History, York College of Pennsylvania

Yoshinari Hosaka

Karen Lynn Miller

Timothy A. Paxton

Barbara Boyink Sears

Jo Anne Thomas

Jean-Paul W. Vivian



Gregory Paul Culver

Kenneth R. Dvorak

Robert Neydon Karrer

Cathleen Melissa Khavari

Karin M. Kovacs

Hui Ping Lui

Robert Carleton Myers
Bob is Curator at Berrien County Historical Assn

Eugene Wesley Smith

Byron Leigh Upchurch


DeGroot, David A.

Kissell, Mr. Jeffrey Lee

Laabs, Mr. Michael Francis

Lutes, Joseph Kent

Robin Seage Person
M.A. (1994) History (Museum Studies), Western Michigan University
B.A. (1988) Biology, Albion College

Robin Seage Person has worked in the museum field for over 25 years, learning all facets of museum management, from grant writing and publicity to collections and exhibition building. She is currently the Branch Director of Historic Jefferson College, an 80-acre state-owned historic site in Washington, Mississippi, a position she has held since 2008. Prior to that, she was the Executive Director of Cottonlandia Museum, a private general museum in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, where she developed the state's largest summer program for students. She serves as on officer on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Museums Conference, where she won the Museum Leadership Award in 2009, and is a state past president of the Mississippi Museums Association. Person has a particular interest in small museums, and enjoys the challenge of utilizing all her skills on a daily basis. She passes on her knowledge by conducting workshop programs for regional and state museum organizations on a variety of small museum management topics. In addition to her day job, she is also a jewelry artisan and has her own company, Face in the Sun Custom Jewelry. If there is still time left in the day after museums and jewelry, she designs mobile web sites for organizations and businesses.

Viera, Michelle Margaret


Alspach, Mrs. Judith S.

Houting, Scott P.

Illanz, Mr. Arnold William

Schillaci, Erin


Ambs, Daryl R.

Bos, James John

Coakley, Sean W.

Edwards, John Monro

Younker, Mary M


Al Sheha, Mohammed

Corbus, James Frederick

Custer, Marc J.

Diny, David B.

Garzelloni, Joseph A.

Klemm, David Martin

Pettee, Michael G.


Catherine T. Collopy

Mark Leroy Hayes

Stephen C. Northrop


Jon Dunbar-Cooper

Timothy M. O'Neil

Jody M. Ross

Bruce Arvin Tap

John D. Winchell


Newton L. Chamberlain

Charles Dale Jager

Steven Lawrence Lewis

Allen Lee Pick

Roger Mark Varland


Libby M. Catt

Susan Conklin

David J. DeVries

Michael D. Kowalski


Michael P. Daly

Thomas J. McGaghie

Maria A Perez-Stable
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1986)
M.S.L.S., Case Western Reserve University (1977)
B.A., History, Miami University (1976)
Current position: Head of Central Reference Services, WMU Libraries

Before becoming the Head of Central Reference in 1997, Maria held three positions in the University Libraries since coming to WMU in 1979: Social Sciences Librarian, Education Librarian, and Catalog Librarian. Previous to that, she was a catalog librarian at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio.

Leland W. Thornton


Clare E. Adkin
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1985)
Clare Adkin has spent a career teaching history and economics at the secondary level. Since giving up classroom duties in 2003, he turned his academic focus to promoting economic and financial literacy, research, and writing. After 39 years of teaching, Clare Adkin retired in 2003 from the Cary Academy, North Carolina. In 1990, he published Brother Benjamin: A History of the Israelite House of David (Amazon) and recently in 2010 published Quiet Guilt: The State Of Michigan v. Starr (Clareadkin). He can be reached at

Teresa Turpiano Barry

Brent Coates

Richard A Griffith

Duane Edward Holthof


David Wayne Carmichael

O'Ryan Rickard

Inamae Skutt


W. Wilson Woods


George Boston, Jr.

Tom Mark Greiffendorf

Carol A. Knauss

Linda A Morre

Sidney Mueller

Charles D. Swanson


David Allen Bichle

Larry E. Cable

Gary Lynn Ellis

Donald R. Horton

Russel V. Kohr

Dominic L. Mattone

Gloria J. Messner

Robert P. Stoddard

Esther M. Walton


Janice L. Azimi

Dr. Robert H. Duke
Ph.D. (2008) History, Western Michigan University
M.A. (1987) Educational Leadership, Western Michigan University
M.A. (1980) History, Western Michigan University
B.A. (1974) Secondary Education, Western Michigan University.

Dr. Robert H. Duke served as Assistant Professor of History at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti from 2008 through his retirement in 2013. At EMU, he taught courses preparing students for positions in secondary education in addition to undergraduate and graduate coursework in U.S. History.  His research has focused on American political culture, especially the intersection of race and ethnicity with public education policies.
Dr. Duke has extensive professional experience in K-12 education, having served as Superintendent at Gull Lake and Mendon Community Schools, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Community Services at Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools. During his doctoral studies, he taught four years as an Instructor of Record.
His research interests include Modern United States social, cultural, and political history, U.S. environmental history, and cultural exchange through agriculture. Dr. Duke’s upcoming book, Strength in Unity: Lyndon Johnson, Bob Poage, and Federalism in Central Texas will be published by Texas A&M University Press in Fall 2014.  He is currently working on his next book, an organizational biography of Tillers International. 
Dr. Duke’s students selected him for recognition at the annual College of Education Celebration of Excellence Convocation at Eastern Michigan University three times. He also received the New Faculty Research Award and the Academic Service-Learning Fellowship in 2009, the Dean’s Program Initiative Award in 2010, and the EMU Foundation’s Women in Philanthropy Award in 2011. As a doctoral candidate at WMU, Dr. Duke received the Graduate College Teaching Effectiveness Award, the Robert Russell Writing Award, the Research and Creative Scholar Award, the Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowship. In addition, he received the Albert Shanker Educational Research Award from Wayne State University and was named a Research Fellow by Baylor University’s Institute for Oral History. 

Mary Joan Fales

Paul S. Leavenworth

Thomas T. Lutostanski

Roger A. McCarty

John Permesang

Kristin M. Tomlin


Jomes B. Bilsborrow

D.K.R. Crosswell

Wayne E. Eirschele

Gregg A. Newby

Teresa Diane Sharon

Peter D. VanderSchaaf

Patrick N. Welbourne


William A. Coutant

Alfred John Eppens

William ilttle Hafter

Shirley Ort
B.A., History/Political Science, Spring Arbor University (1968)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1978)
J.D., Law, Seattle University (1986)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Associate Provost & Director, Scholarships & Students, and Ort administers a comprehensive program of over $350 million in student aid funds to 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. She advises campus administrators on matters related to tuition, student aid policy, student aid research, and national issues and trends related to the role of student aid in higher education finance. Prior to joining Chapel Hill in 1997, Shirley served as deputy director for student financial aid at the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board for 18 years. Shirley is active in national student aid associations, demonstrating leadership on issues related to access, affordability and student success. Since 2006, she has served as a Trustee of the College Board.



Richard M. Cahow

Anne Louise Cavanagh

Jessie Chou

Rose A. Covell

Larry J. Frank

Myung-Soon Ha

Valerie Catherine Hauch

Thomas A. Herrick

Robert L Jones

Karen Lynn Knapp

Larry B. Massie

Phyllis G. Pelletier

Charles Sikkenga

Paul M. Trap


Cassius Bultman

Toni L. Fiorillo
B.A., History, Western Michigan University (1974)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1976)
Toni was employed by the U.S. Postal Service in 1978, retiring in 2001. She enjoyed traveling and making jewelry. Toni passed away in 2003.

Fred Flegal

Richard H. Harms

Kenneth C Kan

Patrick J. Lally

Brenda Fay Lauer

Albert J. Pleysier
B.A., History, Calvin College (1971)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1976)
Ph.D., History, West Virginia University (1981)
Dr. Pleysier is a professor of history at Piedmont College, Georgia. Primary Teaching Responsibilities include History of World Civilizations I, History of World Civilizations II, History of the United States from 1912 to the present, Renaissance and the Reformation, History of Modern Germany, History of Spain, History of Women, History of Ancient Egypt, History of Constantinople, History of Russia and the Soviet Union.

Robert Swantek

James D. Swope II


Ingo E. Banse

Virginia A. Caruso

Dennis J. Clarke

Robert W. Eich

Margarete E. Fochtman

Brusce Mitton

Dorothy Priscilla Plato

Laura L Sills

Gary B. Sleeper

Allan Robert Vernier


Donal Lee Bergman

Tom Alan Buursma

Susan Deborah Chaikin

Donald C. Hipp

Kenneth E. Kolk

Larry B. Massie

Gloria J. Messner

James Stander

Carla Ann VanWormer - deceased


Mary E. Blankenhorn

Joseph C. Jeltema

James J. Karagon
B.A., History, Western Michigan University (1967)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1973)
I recently retired from Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan as an associate professor in the Bachelor of Social Work program. My professors at Western included Doctors Tompkins, Mange, Hamner, Houdek, Nodel, Snell, Dunbar, Cordier, Schmitt, Mowen, Elasser, Hahn, Nahm and Gregory. All were excellent teachers who emphasized scholarship, a commitment to accuracy and being able to write concisely. Dr Gregory was my advisor and role model.  I hope I was able to pass on to my students their dedication to learning.

I remember a story about Dr C. David Tompkins.  In 1964-65, he was my professor in U.S History to 1877 and US History since 1877.  At one lecture, the day was brutally hot.  Dr Tompkins, who was somewhat portly, was sweating profusely.  He looked around and took off his sport jacket.  He looked around again, then unloosed his tie.  He looked around again, and took his tie off.  He then looked around and said “class dismissed, let’s meet at the Knollwood,” which was the local bar on campus!  Dr Tompkins was against American intervention into Vietnam before most people were against intervention.  I remember one of his assigned books was The Tragedy of American Diplomacy by Walter Appleman Williams.  Another history major and my roommate at Western was John Janzaruk, who also had Dr Tompkins as a professor.  John and I have been good friends for 50 years and have dinner with each other once per week.  We often talk about Dr Tompkins and other professors at Western and how they helped us to examine assumptions and to critically think about issues.

William E. McNellie

Walter Rudecki, Jr.


Arnold D. Masunungure

Ruth Ann Writer


Bern G. Allen

Marcella Cochran

Robert C. Engels

John Alan Kriekard
B.A., Liberal Arts, Kalamazoo College
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1971)
Ed.D., Educational Administration, Arizona State (1985)
John spent 32 years in education, primarily in the Scottsdale Unified School District as principal of Chaparral High School and of Mountainside Middle School as well as assistant superintendent overseeing the planning of Desert Mountain High School and Mountainside Middle School. John was named superintendent of the Paradise Valley Unified School District in 2003. Under his leadership, PVUSD increased teachers’ salaries and positions, dramatically improved school labels of student achievement, and advanced technological innovation in both curriculum and instruction. State and national recognition followed, including being named Arizona’s Superintendent of the Year for Large Districts and receiving the Bob Grossman Leadership in School Communications Award from the National School Public Relations Association, both in 2007. John retired in 2009 but continues to consult with school districts and other organizations.

Warren J. Lawrence
B.A., Western Michigan University (1960)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1971)
Lawrence spent seven years as a teacher and administrator in the Portage schools and then was with the former Kalamazoo Valley Intermediate School District for 25 years as director of the regional educational media center. In 2012, he was awarded with a STAR award for lifetime volunteerism.

Michael R. Micklatcher

Patricia A. Nikolitch

Dianne Sue Parkison

Charles A Pratt


Kenneth E. Aupperle
B.A., History, Western Michigan University (1968)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1970)
M.B.A., Finance, Kansas State University
Ph.D., Management Policy and Strategy, University of Georgia (1982). Management Policy and Strategy
Dr. Aupperle is a professor at the University of Akron in the Department of Management.

Jack Boelema
B.A., History, Calvin College (1968)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1970)

County Commissioner for Kent County, Michigan. Taught history and American government at Westside Chapel Schools for 35 years.

Jerome Geimer

Paul Robert Hallman

Eric D. Hansen

Victor E. Hart

Linda Hayner
B.A., History, Western Michigan University (1968)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1970)
Ph.D., History, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Hayner is currently the Department Head for the Department of History at Bob Jones University.

George D. Jepson

Stuart Michael Jones

Craig Joseph Kaelin

Lawrence Leo LaPomarda
B.A., English, Western Michigan University, (1968)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University, (1970)

Larry was born in Portland, ME to Joseph & Camilla (Trepanier) Lapomarda and he lived in Muskegon since childhood. He attended St. Francis De Sales Elementary School. Larry played basketball all four years that he attended MCC. He also played baseball his junior and senior years, and was awarded a Magazine Drive award during his sophomore year. After graduation, Larry received his bachelor's and master's degrees in history and English from Western Michigan University. He was a high school teacher at Orchard View High School. Larry was also a coach and referee for boys and girls. Larry was known as "the voice of the Cardinals" having announced Orchard View varsity football for years. Larry married the former Carol Chaney. He had two daughters, Jessica and Nicole and two grandchildren.

Chalres Wayne Lockwood

Douglas W. Lombard

Kay L. Long

David J. Mowrey

George T. Sink

Melvin Russel Starr
B.A., History, Greenville College – Illinois (1964)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1970)

Mel Starr was born and grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He taught history in Michigan public schools for thirty-nine years, thirty-five of those in Portage, MI, where he retired in 2003 as chairman of the social studies department of Portage Northern High School. He is the author of the Hugh de Singleton, surgeon chronicles.

Lawrence Treadwell, III

Robert E. Treloar

David Alden Winter


Neil N. Browne

Scott Gibson

William K. Hachmann

Marilyn J. Hughes

James D. King
B.A., Social Science Teaching, Michigan State University (1974)
M.A., Political Science, Western Michigan University (1977)
Ph.D., Political Science, University of Missouri, Columbia (1983)

Dr. King earned his Ph.D from the University of Missouri where he continued to be employed as an assistant professor. He left in 1992 for the University of Wyoming where he currently works as a professor.

Ronald A. Refior

Daniel J. Yakes


Janice L. Brill

Ellsworth H. Brown
B.A., History; English, Hillsdale College (1965)
M.A, History, WMU (1967)
Ph.D, American and Canadian history, Michigan State University (1975)

He began a career in public history as director of the Dacotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, S.D. Since the 1970s he has been director and/or president of four major museum, library and archive systems in the U.S.: the Tennessee State Museum, the Chicago Historical Society, the Carnegie Museums and
Libraries of Pittsburgh, and the Wisconsin State Historical Society. Dr. Brown accepted the latter position in June 2004.

He has served in leadership roles in over 30 museums and related institutions throughout the U.S., including the American Association of Museums and the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C. In 2004 he received the WMU Alumni Achievement Award in History.

Jung K. Choi

James P. Edmiston

Janice Fariborz

Sylvia D Hoffert
B.A., History, Indiana University-Bloomington (1965)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University, (1968)
Ph.D., History, Indiana University-Bloomington (1984)

Sylvia Hoffert would retire as a Professor at Texas A&M University specializing on the history of Women and Gender. After earning her M.A at Western Michigan University Hoffert earned her Ph.D in 1984 from Indiana University-Bloomington. She would publish Private Matters: American Attitudes Toward Childbearing and Infant Nurture in the Urban North, 1800-1860 (1989) When Hen's Crow: The Woman's Rights Movement in Antebellum America (1995), A History of Gender in America (2003), and Jane Grey Swisshelm: An Unconventional Life (2004) and publish in numerous scholarly journals.


John Patrick Kelly

Robert W. Ryan


John Archart

Edgar J. Fredericks

Susan Sandra Huston

Tom Malloy
B.S., Education, Fitchburg State College (1965)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1967)
Ed.D. University of Massachusetts (1982)


Edward Gorn

Adolph Gurndman

Lynn Lindeman

William R. Mitchell

John W. Nott

John F. Riddick
M.A., History Western Michigan University (1966)
Riddick served as a Professor Emeritus of Central Michigan University until his retirement in 2004. He was the founding president of the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) in 1985. In 2006, he published The History of British India: A Chronology (Amazon) His earlier works include: Glimpses of India: An Annotated Bibliography of Personal Writings by Englishmen, 1583-1947 published in 1989,  Guide to Indian Manuscripts in 1993, and Who Was Who in British India in 1998.

Edward H. Schneerer

Ojars Andris Smits

Matthew Tomasiewicz

B.A., Western Michigan University (1964)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1966)

Worked as a Public Education Teacher School Administrator until 1974 when he accepted a position as an Administrator Lobbyist for the Ottawa Area ISD which he held until 1992. He is currently serves as the President and Consultant at Anchor Associates Inc. and has been a Trustee at Grand Valley State University since January 2011.


Ruth Allen

Carol Zainfeld Becker

E. Gilman

Charles John Goodall

Michael H. Parsons
A.A., Liberal Arts, Muskegon Community College (1962)
A.A., General Studies, Oakland Community College (1968)
B.A., English, Western Michigan University (1963)
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1965)
Ph.D., Education, Western Michigan University (1971)

Mike Parsons began his service to higher education in 1965 as an administrator at Oakland Community College, after various posts at other universities, Parsons was appointed as a Dean for Hagerstown Community College in 1972 until 2000 when he became a Professor of Social Science until 2010 when he became an Adjunct professor CCLDP at Morgan State University.

In 2011, he received the WMU Alumni Achievement Award in History.

James M Rigterink

In Suk Ro

George W. Shipman

Donald Stroup

William J. German

James A. Tolhuizen

Ruth G. Tydeman


Dr. Patrick K Bidelman
B.S. (1962)Western Michigan University. European and American History, Social and Political Science, and Physical Education.
M.A. (1964) Western Michigan University. European, Russian, and American History. Master’s Thesis: The Russian Revolution of 1905 as depicted by Contemporary American Reports, with Special Emphasis on the “Bloody Sunday” Incident of January 22, 1905.
Ph.D. (1975) Michigan State University. Early Modern and Modern French History, Modern British Social  and Diplomatic History, and Continental European History since 1500. Doctoral  Dissertation: The Feminist Movement in France: The Formative Years, 1858-1889.
I enrolled at WMU in 1958 in order to play baseball, served as the History Department's first graduate assistant from 1962 to 1964, and then received an appointment to the faculty from 1964 to1968. John Yzenbard, Dale Pattison, and I were the department's first three "expansion" appointments.
I stopped teaching in 2008 after 15 years as an adjunct at the University of South Florida and the Ringling College or Art and Design. This stoppage (retirement?) came about as a result of a micro-business that I founded to produce small runs of my patented invention, sold as Pitch Safe (

Viola Gross

Robert A. Hageman

Tyrell Hughes

Ronald Eugene Kuiper

Keith Ross Speiran

Grace B. Walz


James C. Duram

Phyllis Korzilius

Wayne C. Mann
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1963)
B.A. History/Social Science, Western Michigan University (1954)
After graduating, Mann was employed at Western Michigan University’s archives for over 30 years, retiring in 1995. His tireless efforts to add significant materials to the archives made a lasting impact with the donation of his personal collection with materials dating back to 1838. Early in his career, he was active in many organizations and was one of the founding members of the Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society.

Wayne Mann passed away on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.


Cornelius Eringaard
M.A., History, Western Michigan University (1962)
Ph.D., Ball State University (1972)
After earning his Ph.D. from Ball State University in 1972, Dr. Eringaard worked for Grand Rapids Community college from 1975 to 1993 serving as Administrative Assistant to the President and the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs. In 2010, he was awarded with GRCC’s Emeritus Faculty/Administrator Award for his service to higher education. (YouTube)


Donald E. Black

Robert C. Harris

William E. Lombari

Grace Rogers Mauzy
Published English Radicalism and Political Reform in the Nineteenth Century: A Study in Applied Philosophy in 1961.


Kenneth John Van Dellen
Kenneth Van Dellen retired in 1999 after 40 years of teaching in Michigan and Illinois Schools, and as of 2002 was the director of development Lansing Christian and Illiana Christian schools.


Gerald L. Reagan


Si Miller


Fletcher Cooper


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