Alumni PhDs

Alumni PhDs

Alumni - Ph.D.s

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Valerie Hampton "Power Relations at the Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary at Rushen: With special interest in connections at Furness Abbey and influence through the Kingdom of the Isles" Advisor: E. Rozanne Elder

Jamie McCandless "A Difficult and Dangerous Thing": Religious Reform in Late Medieval Ulm, 1434-1532" Advisory: Robert F. Berkhofer III


Staggs, Stephen."Gentiles by Nature: Indian-Dutch Relations in New Netherland/New York, 1562-1749" Advisor: José A. Brandão and James Palmitessa.


Bradford, Brian. "Christians in Pre-Islamic Arabia: Societies, Sects, and Scriptures" Advisor: Paul Maier.

Ellison, Katherine.“Building a House of Peace: The Origins of the Imperial Presidency and the Framework for Executive Power, 1933-1960.” Advisor: Edwin Martini.

Frazier, Anthony. “'Air Too Pure for Slavery and the Rights of British Liberty': The Black Experience in London, 1772-1833” Advisors: Judy Stone and Marion Gray.


Zwart, David. "Faithful Remembering: Constructing Dutch America in the 20th Century” Advisor: Edwin Martini.


Andrews, Gordon. “Charles Hamilton Houston: Civil Rights Attorney.” Advisor: Nora Faires.

Baughman, Karl E. “Women of Foreign Superstition: Gender, Politics, and Christianity in the Roman Nobility, 57-324.” Advisor: Paul L. Maier.

Geisler, Irene E. “The Gendered Plight of Terror: Annexation and Exile in Latvia, 1940-53.” Advisor: Marion W. Gray.

Ngovo, Samuel. “The Bandi of Northwestern Liberia: A Study of Social Change in Continuity in Bandi Society, 1900-64.” Advisor: Amos Beyan.


Becker, Brian. “Mechanisms of Colonization in Action: Genoese Chios in the 14th and 15th Centuries.” Advisor: Larry J. Simon.

Bruce, Travis. “The Hispano-Muslim Taifa of Denia and the Medieval Mediterranean.”
Advisor: Larry J. Simon.

Jannings, Christopher M. “‘Through the Fog of War and the Haze of Years’: The Veterans History Project, a National Effort to Document and Preserve the 20th-Century American War Experience.” Advisor: Kristin M. Szylvian.


Duke, Robert H. “Bilingual Education, Federalism, and the Political Culture of American Public Education, 1964-1980.” Advisor: Nora Faires.


DeBruler, Ray. “Frontier Michigan, 1763-1837: Land Use and Settlement Patterns in Three Lower Peninsula Locations.” Advisor: José A. Brandão.

Johnson, J. Clay. “Flights Past: The Wright Brothers' Legacy and Dayton, Ohio.” Advisor: Kristin M. Szylvian.

Veldt, S. Mark. “Jewish-Christian Relations in the Earliest Centuries A.D.” Advisor: Paul L. Maier.


O'Brien, Maureen. “Power and Prayer as Reflected in ‘A Mirror of Monastic Perfection’: A Prosopographical Study of the Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu, 1043-1184.” Advisor: E. Rozanne Elder.


Martin, Michael T. “The Italian Homilary: Texts and Contexts.” Advisor: Thomas Amos and E. Rozanne Elder.

Yount Donovan, Andrea. “William Morris and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: 19th- and 20th-Century Historic Preservation in Europe.” Advisor: Dale Porter.


Curta, Lucia “The Nationality Rooms Program at the University of Pittsburgh: Imagined Communities in Showcases” Advisor: John Norman.

Jass, Stephanie “Recipes for Reform: Americanization, Gender, and Foodways in Settlement Houses, 1890-1920” Advisor: Marion Gray.

Kain, Kevin. “Patriarch Nikon's Image in Russian History and Culture.” Advisor: John Norman.


Vichales, Kevin “The Tragedy of the Rivers: Building Authority over the British Water Environment” Advisor: Dale Porter.


Carlson, Sharon “Ladies Library Associations in Michigan: Women, Reform, and Use of Public Space.” Advisor: Linda Borish.

Summitt, April “The Other New Frontier: John F. Kennedy and U.S.-Middle East Relations.” Advisor: Ross, Gregory.


Cartwright, Steven “The Roman Commentaries of William of St. Thierry and Peter Abelard: A Theological and Methodological Comparison.” Advisor: E. Rozanne Elder.

Jones, R. Clifford “Utopia Park, Utopian Church: James K. Humphrey and the Emergence of Sabbath-Day Adventists.” Advisor: John Saillant.


Galler, Robert “Environment, Cultures, and Social Change on the Great Plains: A History of Crow Creek Tribal School.” Advisor: Don Fixico.


Eichinger, Juleen “Muggletonians: A People Apart.” Advisor: E. Rozanne Elder.


Curta, Florin “Making an Early Medieval Ethnie: The Case of the Early Slavs”
Advisor: Lucian Rosu.  

Lyon-Jenness, Cheryl “For Shade and Comfort: Ornamental Plants and Concepts of Home in the Mid-19th-Century Midwest” Advisor: Linda Borish.


Johnson, Charles “The National German-American Alliance, 1901-18”
Advisor: Ross Gregory. 


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