Brown Bag Lunch Series

Brown Bag Lunch Series

History Brown Bag Lunch Series

The Department of History began the Brown Bag Lunch Series in Fall 2009 as a means for faculty members to present new research projects or report on research trips to encourage dialogue within the department and the WMU community. 

Undergraduates have the opportunity find out more about their professors' research interests and graduate students can participate in scholarly debate.  In 2011-12, faculty members from Comparative Religion and Anthropology joined History department members in presenting their research. The format of these talks is based on a 45-minute presentation, followed by questions and answers. A lunch of pizza and soda is offered through the Burnham-Macmillan Endowment for presentation attendees.


Dr. Lewis Pyenson, "Art and Atomic Energy: An Experiment in Argentina," 26 September 2011.

Dr. Rozanne Elder, "His once condemned and dormant dogma: the documents in the case of Bernard of Clairvaux et al. vrs. Peter Abelard," 17 October 2011.

Dr. Takashi Yoshida, "The Rise of Multi-layered Pacifism and Early Peace Museums in Postwar Japan," 21 November 2011.

Dr. Eli Rubin, "War in the German City: Bombing and Urban Combat through the Lens of Material Culture, 1942- 1945," 5 December 2011.

Dr. Brian Wilson, Department of Comparative Religion, "The Rise and Fall of the Temple of Health: Religion, Medicine, and the Battle Creek Sanitarium," 23 January 2012.

Dr. Michael Nassaney, Department of Anthropology, "Public Archaeology at a Long Lost Trading Post in Southwest Michigan: The Continuing Saga of the Fort St. Joseph Investigations," 20 February 2012.

Dr. Anise Strong, "Almost Wives: The Liminal Status of Elite Roman Concubines," 27 February 2012.

Dr. Sally Hadden, "Judge Tait and His Grand Jury Charges: Law and Lawlessness in Antebellum Alabama," 25 March 2012.

Dr. Andrea Berto, "The Muslims as Others in Early Medieval Southern Italy," 9 April 2012.


Dr. Catherine Julien, "Francesco de Toledo and His Campaign against the Incas," 18 October 2010.

Dr. Victor Xiong, "Foreigners in Chang'an, the Capital of Tang China (618-907)," 6 December 2010.

Dr. Lewis Pyenson, "Integrity of the Intellectual Enterprise and Comparability of the Material Base: Professional Scientists on Military Expeditions in the United States, Argentina, and Russia in the Second Half of theNineteenth-Century, and Why Their Findings Have Common Attributes," 31 January 2011.

Dr. Kenneth Steuer, "Welfare History and Military History as World History: The Chinese Labour Corps in France during World War I," 21 March 2011.

Dr. Eli Rubin, "Amnesiopolis: Modernity, 'Housing Settlement, and Socialism in East Germany," 11 April 2011.


Dr. Wilson Warren, "Globalizing Meat since World War II: Japan's Changing Meat Culture," 16 November 2009.

Dr. Takashi Yoshida, "Peace , Patriotism, and Reconciliation: A Comparative Analysis of Postwar Japanese PeaceMuseums and Activism," 5 April 2010.


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