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Reviews (Books, Exhibitions, etc.)

Berkhofer III, Robert F. Review of Paris, 1200, by John W. Baldwin. CHOICE (May, 2011).

Coryell, Janet. Review of South Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times, Vol. 1, by Spruill, Littlefield and Johnson, eds. Journal of Southern History 77 (February 2011): 141-142.

Hadden, Sally. Review of Scraping By, by Seth Rockman. Continuity and Change 25 (2011): 465-466.

Hadden, Sally. Review of Major Problems in U.S. Constitutional History, by Timothy Huebner and Kermit Hall, eds.  in H-Law (2011),

Martini, Edwin A. Review of Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Vietnam, by Wayne Karlin. Journal of Peace and Justice Studies 21 (Summer 2011): 102-105.

Martini, Edwin A. Review of America’s Rasputin: Walt Rostow and the Vietnam War, by David Milne. Journal of American History 97 (December 2010): 858-859.

Palmitessa, James. Review of Vladimír Urbánek, Eschatologie, V?d?ní a Politka: P?ísp?vek k d?jinám myšlení pob?lohorského exilu. Austrian History Yearbook 61 (2010): 284.

Pyenson, Lewis R. Review of Science: A Four-Thousand YearHistory, by Patricia Fara. Isis 102 (2011): 744-745.

Pyenson, Lewis R. Review of Archibald Liversidge, FRS, by Roy MacLeod. Ambix 58(2011): 177-178.

Pyenson, Lewis R. Review of Douglas T. McGetchin, Indology, Indomania, and Orientalism: Ancient India’s Rebirth in Modern Germany, by Douglas T. McGetchin. American Historical Review 116 (2011): 529.

Pyenson, Lewis R. Review of Einstein’s Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution by Richard Staley. Metascience 20 (2011): 53-57.

Rubin, Eli. Review of Mary Fulbrook, ed., Power and Society in the GDR: Normalisation of Rule?, by Mary Fulbrook, ed. Central European History 44 (2011): 191-193.

Steuer, Kenneth. Reviews of America's Captives: Treatment of  POWs from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, by Paul J. Singer, and The Enemy in Our Hands: America's Treatment of Prisoners of War from the Revolution to the War on Terror, by Paul J. Singer and Robert C. Doyle. American Historical Review 116 (June 2011): 811-813.

Strong, Anise.  Review of The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity, by Stephanie Budin. Classical Bulletin 86 (2010).

Warren, Wilson J. Review of Horace Plunkett in America:  An Irish Aristocrat on the Wyoming Range, by Lawrence M. Woods. Business History 52 (2010): 1014-1015.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Damien Chaussende, Des Trois Royaumes aux Jin: Légitimation du pouvoir impérial en Chine au IIIe siècle, by Damien Chaussende. Journal Asiatique  298 (2010): 594–97.

Yoshida, Takashi. Review of History Education and International Relations, by Mutsumi Hirano. Journal of Japanese Studies 37 (Winter 2011): 204-209.


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