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Conference Presentations

Berkhofer III, Robert F. “Forgery, Crime, and Punishment in the High Middle Ages.” American Historical Association, Boston, MA, January 2011.

Berto, Luigi. “Dukes, Bishops, and Power in Early Medieval Naples.” Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Studies Association, Corfu, Greece, May 2011.

Berto, Luigi. “In Search of the First Venetians: Some Notes and Proposals for a Prosopographical Study of Early Medieval Venice.” 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2011.

Berto, Luigi. “Exploring Muslim Otherness in Early Medieval South Italy.” World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona, Spain, July 2010.

Borish, Linda J. “Teaching, Researching and Using the Web for American Sport History: Historical Resources and Material Culture Sources.” North American Society for Sport History Annual Conference, Austin, TX, May 2011.

Cousins, James. “Higher Education and the Creation of Professional Identity on the American Frontier,” Organization of Educational Historians, Chicago, IL, September 2010.

Cousins, James.  “Clerks, Students, and the Problem of Legal Education in Early Kentucky.” History of Education Society, Cambridge, MA, November 2010.

Dooley, Howard. “Pacific Rim Paradigm: The Singapore Experience.” Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI, January 2011.

Gray, Marion. “From ‘Appropriated Space’ to ’Dominated Space’:The Village of Steglitz in the Nineteenth Century.” German Studies Association, Oakland, CA, October 2010.

Haight, Bruce and J. Kelli Sweet, “The ABCs of Slavery Throughout History.”
Michigan Council for Social Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, November 2010.

Havira, Barbara. “The Catholic Music Education Series: For Character and for Worship.” History of Education Society, Boston MA, November 2010. 

Heasley, Lynne. “The Peace Corps, Africa, and Academic Scholarship: Enduring           Connections in Place and Time.” The Peace Corps and Africa, the University of
Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program’s Special Conference for the 50th
anniversary of the Peace Corps, Madison, WI, March 2011.

Heasley, Lynne. “Experiential Rural History.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, April 2011.

Heasley, Lynne. “Environmental Historians, the Job Market, and Interdisciplinary Positions: A Roundtable.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, April 2011.

Strong, Anise. “Female-Authored Romantic Graffiti in Pompeii.” American Philological
Association. Houston, Texas, January 2011.

Warren, Wilson J. “Rural Midwest Industrialization.” Session on Decline and Other
 Stories: A Roundtable on the Post WorldWar II Rural Midwest. Agricultural History Conference, Springfield, IL, June 2011.



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