Membership in Western Michigan University's Lee Honors College will enrich your undergraduate education in whatever major you choose from one of the University's six undergraduate colleges.

Courses may…

  • Fulfill requirements for general education credit; some may fulfill major requirements
  • Enable you to be enrolled in a small class that fosters discussion and debate
  • Allow you the opportunity to grow through dynamic interchange of ideas, digging deeper into a subject
  • Provide you with opportunities to build relationships with professors
  • Introduce you to other students in the honors college community

Transfer students add an important dimension to the honors community. We work with each transfer student individually to determine the number of honors courses that will fit into their curriculum, enhance their transcript with relevant classes, and provide experiences that will build a strong resume.

The culmination of your Lee Honors College experience is the honors college thesis. Your guides through this process will be your thesis mentor and a committee of professional people from your area of study. In addition to being a reflection of your talents and knowledge, the thesis is a stepping stone to future employment or graduate and professional schools.