Dual Enrollment

Currently enrolled high school students in the greater Kalamazoo area who do not have access to advanced classes at their high school may be eligible to enroll in Western Michigan University classes. Dual-enrolled students may opt to use their college course work to satisfy high school graduation requirements, college degree requirements or both. Additionally, the school district is required to fund part of the tuition and relevant fees (under most conditions).

Recently, dual-enrolled students have completed courses in Japanese, calculus, philosophy, literary interpretation, physics and many other topics.

The University will make the final admission decision. Once admitted to WMU, dual-enrolled students will be assigned an academic advisor in the Lee Honors College.

The advisor will:

  • Help the students make connections with University resources
  • Keep the students informed of important dates and related information
  • Serve as the students' college mentor

So that dual enrollment enhances high school performance, we encourage students to work closely with their high schools to avoid any conflict with the regular school work while attending classes at WMU.

How to apply

The application for dual enrollment may be downloaded from the Office of Admissions website. We also recommend reviewing the dual enrollment handbook.

Dual enrollment orientation

A dual enrollment orientation will be held on April 28 at 7 p.m. at the Lee Honors College for students and their parent or guardian. Free parking is available in the Rood Hall parking lot. An interactive map is available. You may send questions to Dr. Kelly Schultz at kelly.schultz@wmich.edu or call her at (269) 387-3230.

New dual enrollment law

Michigan has passed a new law allowing all students in high school access to dual enrollment. Read this article written about the new law to understand the changes.

Suggested courses for dual enrolled students

College of Arts and Sciences

  • AFS 2000 Introduction to Africana Studies
  • ANTH 1100 Lost Worlds and Archaeology

  • ANTH 1200 Peoples of the World

  • ANTH 1500 Race, Biology, and Culture

  • BIOS 1050 Environmental Biology

  • BIOS 1500 Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • BIOS 1910 Intro to Human Anatomy & Biology

  • CHEM 1100 General Chemistry I

  • CHEM 1110 General Chemistry Lab I 

  • COM 1040 Public Speaking

  • COM 1700 Interpersonal Communication

  • ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics

  • ECON 2020 Principles of Macroeconomics

  • ENGL 1050 Thought and Writing

  • ENGL 1100 Literary Interpretation

  • ENGL 2110 Folklore and Mythology

  • ENGL 2220 Literature & Cultures of the U.S.

  • ENGL 2230 African American Literature

  • ENGL 2520 Shakespeare

  • ENGL 2660 Introduction to Creative Writing (fiction/poetry)

  • ENGL 3120 Western World Literature

  • ENGL 3130 Asian Literature

  • ENGL 3140 African Literature

  • ENVS 1100 Nature and Society (camping trip required)

  • GEOG 1000 World Ecological Problems & Man

  • GEOS 1000 Earth Studies

  • GWS 1000 Media and the Sexes

  • HIST 1000 Early Western World

  • HIST 1010 Modern Western World

  • HIST 3020 World History To 1500

  • HIST 3030 World History Since 1500

  • INTL 2000 Global and International Studies

  • JRN 1000 Foundations of Journalism 

  • MDVL 1450 Heroes and Villains 

  • PHIL 2000 Introduction to Philosophy

  • PHIL 2010 Introduction to Ethics

  • PHIL 2200 Critical Thinking

  • PHYS 1020 Energy and the Environment

  • PHYS 1040/1030 Intro to the Sky & Solar System & Lab

  • PHYS 1060/1050 Intro to Stars & Galaxies & Lab

  • PSCI 1050 Critical Thinking About Politics

  • PSCI 2000 National Government

  • PADM 2000 Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership

  • REL 1000 Religions of the World

  • SOC 2000 Principles of Sociology

  • Foreign languages requires a placement test for students who have already had some language contact. Some tests are found in the GoWMU portal. Contact the language advisor for other languages.

  • Math courses are by permission of the department.

College of Aviation

  • AVS 1200 Introduction to Aviation

Haworth College of Business

  • BUS 1750 Business Enterprise

College of Education and Human Development

  • HPHE 1110 Healthy Living
  • HPHE 1500 Foundations of Physical Education
  • HPHE 1700 Intro to Leisure & Recreational

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • IME 1420 Engineering Graphics
  • CS 1000 Fluency with Information Technology

  • GPS 1500 Intro to Graphic & Printing Science

  • PAPR 1600 Intro to Environmental Technology

College of Health and Human Services

  • ADA 2250 Drug Use: Personal & Social Impact
  • HSV 2250 Human Growth, Development and Aging

  • HOL 1000 Choices in Living

  • SPPA 2000 Communication Disorders and Sciences

College of Fine Arts

All courses are open to students if they have the prerequisites and there is space in the class.

Lee Honors College

Some honors courses are available to dual enrolled students as well. Check out the course catalog for course descriptions. 

For further information

Please contact Dr. Kelly Schultz at kelly.schultz@wmich.edu or (269) 387-3230.