Study in the States

Study in the States is a new summer program in the Lee Honors College offering educational opportunities that will take place outside the classroom. Except for the cost of tuition, expenses will be paid by the honors college. All trip descriptions, including dates, are included in the summer honors college course catalog.

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If you are interested in any of these courses

  1. Fill out the Study in the States application and turn it in to the Lee Honors College office by the date specified in the instructions.
  2. Following the due date, all applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  3. At the interview you will sign a release form for a student conduct background check.
  4. When the application process is complete and in order (application, interest statement, interview, background check), the honors college will register you for the trip.
  5. We will create waiting lists for each trip—if a registered student has to withdraw from the class, we will go to the wait list and register another student.

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