Community Service

Photo of honors students in front of their Adopt-A-Highway sign.Students in the Lee Honors College have learned the value of community service and involvement. Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honors society housed within the honors college community, maintains a major focus on community service. The Lee Honors College Programming Council also plans several events each year that assist and support both our campus and the greater Kalamazoo community. All honors college students are required to complete community service hours each year as part of their honors college graduation requirements.

Service opportunities

To help students identify service opportunities quickly and easily, we have created a service opportunities page to list specific volunteer activities that we encourage you to consider. We also have included a link to the Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo website, where interested persons can search through a variety of opportunities and locate which best meet their goals for service. All service opportunities listed on the service opportunities page and the volunteer center website are considered pre-approved.

Other opportunities

If there is a service opportunity that you would like to use to fulfill your Lee Honors College community service hour requirements but it is not listed on our website or through the Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo website, you must request pre-approval from an honors college advisor. Please use the volunteer activity authorization form to submit a volunteer activity for review and approval at least one week prior to your service. Failure to secure pre-approval for activities outside of those mentioned on the honors college website or the volunteer center website may result in a loss of Lee Honors College community service time credit.

Tracking your time

To receive credit for the number of hours you donate to both our campus and the greater Kalamazoo community, you must you print out the volunteer time log and submit it to the honors college office once the log or your activity is complete. If you include your community service hour logs in your iWebfolio, you do not need to submit them on paper to the honors college—we will view them online. Thank you!