Thesis Defense and Completion

Every student is required to have a defense, performance, or presentation in some form in order to graduate from the Lee Honors College. The student is required to complete a thesis defense certificate request form and receive a certificate of oral examination. This should be done after a presentation date has been established. The honors college should have at least 48 hours to process the request and prepare the certificate and evaluation form for you. You should then pick up your copies and take them to the defense. Committee members will sign them following your presentation.

The nature of the presentation will vary from project to project. Though the amount of time for the defense is determined by you and your committee, typically students present the product of their work for 10 to 15 minutes. Following the presentation committee members are given time to ask questions.

There is no requirement that the defense be held on WMU's campus. All members of the committee are expected to be at the defense, although exceptions can be made for members who do not live nearby. All members must, however, approve and sign off on the thesis project. The atmosphere can be quite relaxed, depending on the requirements of the committee. Student may invite anyone he/she chooses to the defense. We encourage students to consider a public presentation of their thesis.

Once you have submitted a signed copy of the oral examination certificate and a printed copy of your thesis materials, you will be officially finished with your project. After all your honors college course and thesis requirements have been verified, the Lee Honors College will submit the information to the registrar's office.

We wish you the best of luck on your thesis project. Should you or your committee members have any questions, please contact Dr. Nicholas Andreadis.