Peer Student Success Team

Head and shoulders portrait of Madeline Smith.




Maddie Smith - Student Coordinator
Hello! My name is Maddie and I am a senior studying speech language pathology with minors in psychology and gerontology. For fun, I like to sing in Western’s campus choir, play with my roommate’s dog, and watch documentaries on Netflix. My favorite part about the honors college? The social atmosphere! Everyone here is so eager to share enthusiasm, ideas, kindness, and friendships.




Head and shoulders portrait of Nathan Browning.



 Nathan Browning
I am a fourth-year transfer student majoring in sociology with minors in marketing, data analysis, and nonprofit leadership. I enjoy frisbee, disc golf, music, hockey (although I'm no good on skates), cooking, playing video games, and learning new things. My favorite aspect of the Lee Honors College is that it feels like home on campus, from the lounge with the piano and couches, to the kitchen where you can enjoy hot cocoa.





Head and shoulders portrait of JustOne Crosby.




JustOne Crosby
I am a third year student majoring in Paper Engineering. My hometown is Detroit, MI. Although I love the city life, I also enjoy rock climbing, exercising, camping and taking pictures in nature. The Lee Honors College is one of the most inclusive places on campus. I fell in love with how well the honors college provides students with opportunities through social events, volunteer experiences, and faculty help to add significant value to their college experience on and off campus.




Head and shoulders portrait of Kelsey Cushway.




Kelsey Cushway
I am a third year student majoring in biology with minors in chemistry and geology. I enjoy outdoor activities, reading, sports, plants, and eating! My favorite thing about the honors college is the wonderful people I have had the chance to meet. The members and the staff are welcoming and supportive, eager to help in any way! The honors college has created a network of support and encouragement for students on campus; I am proud to be a part of the honors college family.




Head and shoulders portrait of Allyson Dykstra.



Allyson Dykstra
Hello! I am a third year student studying interior design, environmental studies, and business. I love being involved on campus; meeting new people and experiencing new things gives me a lot of joy and knowledge that I can apply to all areas of my life. I love being active, I love dogs, and I love breakfast food, but what I love about the Lee Honors College is their attitude. Everyone you come in contact with wants you to succeed and feel happy and welcome. They really go out of their way to make sure your experience is meaningful and you have everything you need to be not only successful but also purposeful. We are our own special community in the honors college.



Head and shoulders portrait of Allegra Ellis.




Allegra Ellis
I am an idealist. I'm upbeat and optimistic and am very involved in social and environmental activist movements here in the community. I like to laugh and dance, and I teach Zumba here on campus. I am a second year student double majoring in Gender and Women's Studies and Social Work with a minor in Spanish. Reading, writing, dancing, and laughing with my friends and family are my top hobbies. I also play jazz trombone and piano, and play trombone in a band. I love the positivity and helpfulness that the Lee Honors College promotes and cultivates.




Head and shoulders portrait of Morgan Haskins.




Morgan Haskins
Hello! I am excited to start my sophomore year at Western as a Graphics and Printing Science major. In my free time, you can find me reading, binge watching TV shows, going to yoga classes, or traveling. My favorite color is red, I love big cities, and graphic design is one of my passions. I would say that my favorite thing about the honors college has to be the inclusivity. There’s never a moment where it feels like you don’t belong here, and it's fantastic.



Head and shoulders portrait of Morgan Kronner.




Morgan Kronner
I am an industrial and entrepreneurial engineer major and will be a sophomore this year. I love to play soccer, pet dogs, play piano, and pretend like I know how to play ukelele. I am from China, Michigan (yes this is a real place) where I have a dog, a cat, and previously owned two goats. One of my favorite things about the honors college are the people. This place allows you to make so many friends with the same mind set as you that just happen to be really cool!




Head and shoulders portrait of Pooja Mandagere.




Pooja Mandagere
I'm a third-year student, double majoring in computer information systems and communication studies. I am the Diversity Guidance Chairperson for the Western Student Association, the Vice-President of the Study Abroad Alumni Ambassadors, a participant in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, and the pride and joy of my parents. My hobbies and interests include, but are not limited to, maintaining a GPA above 3.5, spending all my dad's money, and being active on campus. My favorite thing about the Lee Honors College is that you have numerous opportunities to interact with your advisors.



Head and shoulders portrait of Regina McLeod.




Regina McLeod
I am a Junior majoring in psychology and minoring in legal studies and American Sign Language I enjoy being in musicals, playing with dogs, practicing Sign Language, and watching crime investigative TV shows. My favorite thing about the honors college is the supportive atmosphere provided through the faculty, staff, and other honors students. The honors college provides many amazing opportunities for growth in all aspects of life, while still allowing for a ton of fun!




Head and shoulders portrait of Sruthi Rameshkumar.




Sruthi Rameshkumar
I am a sophomore at WMU, majoring in psychology - behavioral sciences and minoring in speech and hearing processes. I am originally from Naperville, Illinois. Back home, I am a professional Indian Classical Dancer, and at Western, I am in the co-ed a capella group, Vocaholics. I love to dance, sing, act, play with makeup, bike, and go shopping. My favorite thing about the honors college is all the friendly faces. Whether it be the professors, the other PSST Mentors, or just your friends, everyone will greet you with an energy that you can only find in the Honors College.


Head and shoulders portrait of Shaima Shebrain.




Shaima Shebrain
Hello! I am a third year student majoring in biomedical sciences with a business minor. I enjoy writing Arabic calligraphy, drawing mandalas, cooking and baking, doing makeup and Henna on others, shopping, planning, and decorating. My favorite thing about the honors college is the welcoming environment. Everyone not only strives to do their best in their academics, but also to create memories with new and old friends through fun events such as the Metropolitan Series.