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Goldsworth Valley Complex

Goldsworth Valley Complex is predominantly single and couples student housing. The complex is located north of campus across from Goldsworth Valley Pond and near Sindecuse Health Center and the tennis courts.  A Bronco Transit stop is nearby.

Complex Highlights

  • 3 laundry rooms scattered throughout the complex
  • Picnic areas and green space
  • 1 and 2 bedroom units with 1 bathroom
  • Furnished and unfurnished option
  • High-speed Ethernet service
  • Assigned parking spaces
  • Lease by the semester
  • Parking, utilities and cable provided


1 Bedroom (Style A) 1 Bedroom (Style B)
2 Bedroom  


Adam Wall

Allen Meyer

Christopher Robinson

Hall Director:
Adam Wall

Graduate Assistant:
Allen Meyer

Resident Manager
Christopher Robinson